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  1. Long time keeper league needs one. We are a salary cap based keeper league, and very competitive. Great group of guys. Successful manager will be active both with the team, and also in the league chat. I've copied the league rules refresher I give to managers each year below, to give an idea of our format. Thanks for your consideration. Every team in the USL has a salary cap of $260 - meaning you have to start each season below that number. Under your keeper tab you can see all your updated player salaries. Many of us will be over the salary cap. Using that list, you will need to make cuts to get (at a bare minimum) below the $260 cap. The farther below $260 you cut, the more money you'll have for this year's draft. So if you cut it down to $160, you'll have $100 to spend in the auction draft. Last year's free agent pool and new MLB additions, along with everybody's roster cuts will be available to bid on.Once the season begins, you will be given an additional $100 to spend on waivers. It does not matter how much cap room you have at this point, you are free to spend all of the waiver money. Theoretically you could get your overall team salary much higher with waiver picks and trades, but just keep in mind it'll have to be trimmed down to $260 before the next season's draft.When someone drops a player, regardless of their salary, the minimum bid is $1. You could also bid up to $100. Whatever the winning bidder spends becomes that players new salary, which he will carry into the next season. Free agent acquisitions are all given a salary of $1.Every spring, each rostered player's salary will increase. Players with a current salary under $10 will increase by $3. Players with a salary over $10 will have a salary increase of 25% (always rounded up).So, if you pick up a free agent the salary progression will look like this:Year 1: $1Year 2: $4Year 3: $7Year 4: $10Year 5: $13Year 6: $17Year 7: $22Year 8: $28Year 9: $35Year 10:$44As you can see, you get a lot more bang for your buck in the early years.The end result is a cycle and strategy similar to actual MLB teams. If you find yourself in the hunt midway through the season, you may want to trade away young, cheap talent for higher paid players. Conversely, if you know you're out of the running, you'll want to rebuild in a similar manner by exchanging your more expensive pieces for cheap guys who have potential.This is a bit of a home-rolled system that we are continuing to fine tune, but I think we're pretty much there. It works well and is a lot of fun.
  2. BTT. Still looking for a manager. League is a great group of guys.
  3. Very competitive 12 Team Rotisserie / Auction / Keeper League We use yearly player salary increases of 25% to value keepers, and operate under a cap. Does a great job of mimicking real life team management. Looking for one manager. We're a highly active league, and require the same from any new manager. Should be willing to contribute to the typical league banter and bull****ting in the boards/chat room as well. This is a long running free league, and we're looking for someone who's willing to join for the long run.