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  1. Not a good look in times of Covid. Justified or not, I'm nervous they'll come down hard on him to set an example. I'm also curious if MLB will listen to the audio to see exactly what set him off. With no fans in the stands I would be surprised if they don't have access to everything that was said. Not sure it'll matter, but I'm interested to know if this will factor in.
  2. Dustin May has been dropped in my daily 12-team H2H categories league (W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, S+HLD). Overall--knock on wood--my pitching has been fine with Buehler, Gray, Darvish, Gallen, Javier, Plesac, Weaver, and Hill (IL). Do you drop Weaver for Dustin May? Further, do you use a #4 waiver on him, or hope that he clears?
  3. I have Craig Kimbrel and Hansel Robles in my S+HLD league. Both dudes have been absolute garbage. In a short season, is there any compelling reason to hold either of them to see if they right the ship? There are a number of decent RPs on the Waiver Wire, including: Ryan Pressly Taylor Williams Jairo Diaz James Karinchak Sergio Romo Tyler Rogers Justin Wilson Jeremy Jeffress Oliver Drake Who do you drop, and who do you pick up?
  4. How would you rank these four pitchers in a redraft that counts W, S, K, ERA, WHIP, QS? Luke Weaver Carlos Martinez Cristian Javier Zach Plesac
  5. Daily H2H league (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG). What do you do?
  6. Anyone know why Hill was scratched from his start today?
  7. Is it worth keeping Puig in an NA slot for now, or is he an outright drop in this shortened season?
  8. Good point, for sure. Although, I'll only be able to keep him up through the end of the 2021 season.
  9. Mike Trout worries me. Even if he does play (which, I understand, he's leaning towards), he's pretty much a lock to miss at least one week down the stretch when his child is born. That's 1/8 of the regular season. And if he decides to opt out after my draft? Losing my first rounder--especially in a 14-team league--might mean the end of my season before it begins. Honest question--might I be better served by rolling the dice on the first round and picking up, maybe, an Alex Bregman or Nolan Arenado type? And then getting a slight value on a middle-to-late rounder like Robles in Round 8, Voit in Round 14, or Hampson in Round 21?
  10. Hi gang! Can you help me with your thoughts for two keepers (one batter, one pitcher) for a 14-Team Daily H2H league? Scoring Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS / W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, S+HLD Batters: Trout (Rd 1), JD Martinez (Rd 1), Starling Marte (Rd 2), Ketel Marte (Rd 3), Eugenio Suarez (Rd 3), Victor Robles (Rd 8), Luke Voit (Rd 14), Garrett Hampson (Rd 21). Pitchers: Flaherty (Rd 5), Stripling (Rd 12), Maeda (Rd 13), Musgrove (Rd 15), Luzardo (Rd 17). I also have the option to not keep anyone, or to keep just one player, but I can't keep more than one batter or more than one pitcher. Thanks for your help!!
  11. I go big bats, particularly given the closers available. They'll help in 2/3 of your weak categories where closers will only help in 1/3. You can target RPs a few rounds later, and with the shifting roles and job security of closers you can typically find dudes who can get you some Saves by paying attention to the WW. With drafting 11th or 12, does that mean you'll have the #2 Waiver priority?
  12. I should have been more clear initially: Round 15 would be Eddie Rosario. Thanks for your thoughts, Cesare.
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to see others' thoughts are as varied as my own. Haha. I'm really struggling with this this year. Since it's a 12 team league and we're each able to keep up to 12 players, that's 144 players off the board at the top of the draft. Because of this, here are my thoughts: -If I don't keep Osuna, will I be chasing saves all season? (Important point to mention in regards to this: We have a 2 pickup maximum per week, so chasing saves can really hamstring me in regards to other weekly pickups with injuries etc...) -Can I really get by without keeping any OFs? Ozuna at 11 and Rosario at 15 are good values, but so are Gallen at 11 and Luzardo at 13.
  14. Final year **win now** 6x6 roto league. (R, HR, RBI, SB, -K, OBP / S, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS). I am planning to keep the following dudes, with their corresponding rounds in parenthesis: Morton (6th), Bregman (7th), Paddack (12th), Alonso (14th), Trea Turner (18th), L. Castillo (19th), Villar (20th), Corbin (21st), A. Mondesi (22nd). I have a good mix of SPs (4) and Bats (5), plus a lot of early rounds for draft day. Which THREE of the following do you keep? -Realmuto (2nd) -Osuna (3rd) -Olsen (4th) -Sonny Gray (8th) -Zac Gallen (11th) -Ozuna (11th) -Luzardo (13th) -Rosario (15th)
  15. I had the same question. He pitched the final out with a 3-run lead. Not mad about it. If Workman gets that save I lose the week.