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  1. Invite sent. Welcome to the league, Jason! So, only Team 2 is left: Team 2 - Another nice nucleus with Bellinger, Glasnow, J.D. Martinez, Moncada, Goldy, Suarez, Castellanos...
  2. Forgot to mention the league is in its 13th year! Also, you can keep up to 10, meaning, if you keep 5, you get picks in rounds 6-10. Draft order is in reverse order of standings for all keeper rounds (1-10) and round 11, so it gives incentive for weaker\rebuilding teams to stay in the league and build a competitive team. Up for a fun challenge?
  3. Need two active replacement managers for an 8 Team ESPN Keeper format. Check out the teams here: Team 1 - Nice nucleus with Cole, Strasburg and Yelich. Team 2 - Another nice nucleus with Bellinger, Glasnow, J.D. Martinez We keep up to 10 from year to year. Just a fun league with no dues, etc. If interested, shoot me an email: -Tom
  4. Need 1 replacement owner. (Team has Saquon Barkley and ODB.) Keep as many as you wish each year that are backloaded into draft. Draft starts in reverse order of standings in every round giving each team a shot at rookies, etc. This team will be a challenge to build and make competitive, but it's possible. Who is ready for the challenge? Need email address to send invite.