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  1. Sorry the correct email is... dcooperdoc@yahoo.com Thank you.
  2. 16 team / 9x9 head to head category scoring / 40 man mlb roster +minor league roster / free to play / using fantrax and proboards Here is the situation. Drafted last night and of course had the one guy who decided to be a no show. Now we need to replace him. The team isn't amazing, but has some usable pieces and an absolute TON of money available. We are just now in the process of getting contracts structured and submitted. Free agency has not opened so all players not drafted will be very available to you. If there is anyone interested in taking this on please email me at dccoperdoc@yahoo.com and we can discuss any questions or details that you would like to.
  3. 16 team / 9x9 h2h category scoring / auction draft / 40 man roster + minors w/ contracts / FREE to play Draft tonight (Sunday March 24) 9 PM EDT Interested PM or email dcooperdoc@yahoo.com