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  1. One Team left! Team 11: Freeman (21)/Goldschmidt (21)/Nola (21)/Seager // K Wright (drafts 14th)
  2. TWO MORE TEAMS STILL AVAILABLE!Loria: Story (21)/Rizzo (22)/Kluber (21)/Severino (21)// Hoerner/Kopech (drafts 7th)Team 11: Freeman (21)/Goldschmidt (21)/Nola (21)/Seager // K Wright (drafts 14th)
  3. 3 TEAMS LEFT!Loria: Story (21)/Rizzo (22)/Kluber (21)/Severino (21)// Hoerner/KopechGaijin: Harper (21)/Bryant (21)/Lemahieu/Merrifield/Castillo/Diaz (21) // Kelenic/ K RuizTeam 11: Freeman (21)/Goldschmidt (21)/Nola (21)/Seager // K Wright
  4. 3 Teams still available! Gaijin drafts 3rd (15 team league), Loria 7th and Team 11 drafts 14th.
  5. draft Sun Mar 8 at 8 PM EST, $50 entry, done through League Safe.We keep 3 players for a max of 3 years (to encourage trading and long-term strategy). You can also keep up to 3 minor leaguers, at a cost of later-round draft picks (18th-20th). 4 Teams available (number in parentheses is the year control expires on that keeper -- so 21 means he will go into the 2022 draft pool if you still own him).3 TEAMS LEFT! Loria: Story (21)/Rizzo (22)/Kluber (21)/Severino (21)// Hoerner/KopechGaijin: Harper (21)/Bryant (21)/Lemahieu/Merrifield/Castillo/Diaz (21) // Kelenic/ K RuizTeam 11: Freeman (21)/Goldschmidt (21)/Nola (21)/Seager // K Wright24 man roster, 17 eligible (10 hitters/5 SP/2 RP) daily, with 162-game limits on the hitter slots and 1250 IP season limit (so you can't just churn every starter in the FA pool).BATTERS:At Bats (AB) -0.25Caught Stealing (CS) -0.5Doubles (2B) 1Grounded Into Double Plays (GIDP) -0.75Hit By Pitches (HBP) 2Hits (H) 2.25Home Runs (HR) 3Runs Batted In (RBI) 1Runs Scored (R) 1Stolen Bases (SB) 1Strikeouts (SO) -0.5Triples (3B) 2Walks (BB) 2PITCHINGBlown Saves (BS) -2Earned Runs Allowed (ER) -1Hit Batsmen (HB) -2Hits Allowed (H) -2Holds (HLD) 3Home Runs Allowed (HR) -2Innings Pitched (IP) 5.25Losses (L) -5Saves (SV) 7Strikeouts Pitched (K) 0.5Walks Allowed (BB) -2Wins (W) 8So, no absurd "no hitter worth 1000 points" wild cards... positive points for positive outcomes, negative for bad. If your boy hits a grand slam, it's -.25 for an AB, 2.25 for a hit, 3 for a home run, 1 for a run and 4 for RBIs, so it's a 10-point event. We've been using this point system for almost 20 years, there is none better out there.If interested, or if questions, leave your contact info here and I'll get back to you!