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  1. FWIW flipped Kanter for Whiteside, if you want an indication of his current value. Was also offered RHJ/payton for him.
  2. He still looks hesitant more often than not. His jumper looks fine, but when he gets the ball in the paint he either lacks explosiveness to finish or passes the ball out. You can tell the injury or at least the rehab is in the back of his mind. Celtics are also mostly ignoring him on offense sets, he usually is spotting up on weak side while Kyrie, Tatum, Rozier initiate. There have been a few glimmers of hope like the Bucks and Pistons games. When Hayward gets to initiate from top of the key and run a pick and roll with Al Horford he really shines, basically collapses the D on him for a kickout to open shooter or he gets an easy floater. My opinion from watching is that he's just not going to get it done as a spot up wing and you're basically hoping Brad Stevens puts the ball in his hands more, which happens if Rozier gets traded and Hayward can run the second unit. Otherwise if he gets back to 30 mpg but continues to split usage with Kyrie and Tatum in the first unit I think his line is more around the 14 / 6 / 3 range
  3. Teague just called out Shams saying there was no player meeting. Maybe a leak by the wolves to generate last minute leverage? https://twitter.com/Teague0/status/1050468578615537666
  4. james ennis is a legit threat to stanley's production. I can see stanley still getting good burn, 28+ minutes, but he may go back to taking less shots and being less aggressive. ennis is a better shooter and better option to stretch the floor next to blake and drummond imo
  5. his confidence has to be hurting after 2 missed game-winner attempts in a row. Last 2 games were exactly the same scenario, down 1 Nuggets get the ball, choose to go no time-out and Barton bricks a 3 (with a few seconds left). Malone clearly has confidence in him, giving him 40 min and clutch time shots. Was curious if his crap performance in clutch lately was a trend and surprisingly he's been somewhat decent in clutch. 50% FG in clutch time, and 3/8 for potential game winners in the last minute of games. NBA Miner has him good for rank 41 in clutch time stats. Hopefully he gets his mojo back on track, hits a game winner, and returns to what we're used to.
  6. BBM predicts ROS stats to be 13 pt / 7.5 reb / 1 ast / 0.7 stl / 0.8 blk in 28 min for what it's worth