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  1. Thanks for the offer but $150 is a little too much for me
  2. Looking for ROTO ESPN or Fantrax $25 or less. Will most likely have at least one other owner to join as well. Drafting the sooner the better. Thanks.
  3. Does Fantrax allow co-managers? If it does send me an invite
  4. Looking to join another league last minute. Hoping someone needs another owner! Preferably drafting tonight
  5. Go ahead and let someone else in. My apologies, I thought it was roto
  6. I may be interested. Please send me league info. Thank you!
  7. Long time owner looking to add another league this year. I would prefer an existing keeper league and will take over a bad team if need be. if you have something that might work! Thanks
  8. I have 2 for you. and