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  1. Charlie Morton joins McCullers on the DL... they have to call this guy up now, don't they?
  2. I'm assuming they're not throwing him any strikes in AAA... 15BB : 9K. And his lineup is worse than in AA, no reason to pitch to him.
  3. Just wanted to say how bad this rushed assignment looks for a Jays fan. Even rushing it is being done wrong... how much can you showcase in 2 (at most) minor league games? Makes me completely fishy of JD and his motivations this season, and it makes the org look desperate.
  4. Throwing BP today, and getting no help from his defense. Think I'm rage dropping as soon as I can find a closer for this week.
  5. Stealing this comment from a Jays blog. Would never have predicted this back in May:
  6. showing big power too. went dead center tonight, and his last one hit the rafters or whatever you would call them at the Trop.
  7. #30 was impressive - 99mph fastball up and away, sliced down the oppo line: https://www.mlb.com/video/statcast-harpers-30th-home-run/c-2386171583?tid=6479266 Keep rolling, Bryce!
  8. Only slashing .387/.431/.698 in 28 games in AAA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. There's a real chance he gets sent down soon so the Jays can see what they have in their AAA outfielders.
  10. From RotoBaller before today's game: Bryce Harper (OF, WSH): 45% contact rate last seven days (-22%) (Harper) struck out 10 times in 23 PA, but still hit .290 with a .964 OPS ..Harper's .220 AVG has been a source of frustration all season for fantasy owners. While it's easy to blame the shift, or blame bad luck, the dirty little secret is that Harper can't make contact this season. His 68.8% contact rate is sixth lowest among qualified hitters this season. In other, more damning words, his contact rate is lower than Chris Davis' contact rate. Harper has been downright putrid against breaking balls this season, hitting .153 with a 43.1% whiff rate. Who knows whether this is contact year jitters, pressing because of the team's place in the standings, or Harper's timing being early. What we do know is that Harper inability to hit breaking balls (and offspeed pitches, to a less extent) have been as much a contributing factor to his struggles as the shift or a low BABIP.
  11. Better check on any Mets fans in your life tonight, lol, make sure they're doing okay