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  1. It's feast or famine with him... [Removed Cool Story]
  2. Charlie Morton joins McCullers on the DL... they have to call this guy up now, don't they?
  3. DH-ing tonight, batting cleanup. Question for weekly leaguers is will they let him start some of the 3 games against LHP? I feel like throwing him in there and seeing what happens.
  4. 5 days rest would have had him starting yesterday (no game)... today would have been 6 days rest but instead it's Stanek and possibly the rest of the BP.... I don't know, maybe they're skipping a start for some reason. ^ oh, or Friday? doesn't make sense why they would be taking it easy with him.
  5. Should be back when rosters expand. He was a decent source of power as an OF5, don't forget about him. I think there were some unrealistic expectations of a Breakout with a capital B, when it was more like a lowercase breakout
  6. I'm assuming they're not throwing him any strikes in AAA... 15BB : 9K. And his lineup is worse than in AA, no reason to pitch to him.
  7. For this year, the middle infield is very deep right now... i don't think he'll be a difference maker. But next year on, maybe he develops the power everyone's mentioned.
  8. Just wanted to say how bad this rushed assignment looks for a Jays fan. Even rushing it is being done wrong... how much can you showcase in 2 (at most) minor league games? Makes me completely fishy of JD and his motivations this season, and it makes the org look desperate.
  9. Rodon (LHP) at Yankees Stadium is playing with fire
  10. Gets Cincy again, but this time it could be a trap. On the road, Suarez should be starting, Votto will be back, Schebler is back, and even Ervin has been hot.
  11. I'm wondering if Cishek gets a SV opp or two this week... Cubs have 7 games this week, I could see most of them being tight, and Strop blew his last opp. Could give you a similar week to the 3 Yankees above.
  12. Should sit a couple games in MIA if they want to put the white-hot Morales at 1B
  13. This guy's been so consistent lately. Maybe he's figured something out... his splits vs RHP were awful last year and in the first half this year, but now they're practically the same as vs LHP. Hopefully the coaches have noticed and he's earned a full-time role. Month of August (23 GP so far): 10R 8HR 21RBI - .300 BA, .949 OPS, K-rate down to 20.4%
  14. How did Robertson look coming back from the shoulder? I made the spec add, but a bit scared.
  15. Osuna retires Ohtani to nail down the save.
  16. Ya like dingers? Should at least get a good run of starts this week until Ozuna returns on the 1st. Don't know what happens after that with Adams arriving at 1B and pushing Martinez to the OF...
  17. Gets his OBP up to .402, then exits the game with quad tightness. We can't have nice things...
  18. Nothing to see but a whole bunch'a homersss
  19. Any reason McNeil was replaced for the Mets? or just a blowout?
  20. Throwing BP today, and getting no help from his defense. Think I'm rage dropping as soon as I can find a closer for this week.
  21. omg another slow bouncer through the infield against Nate.