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  1. U got Dak n Watkins already. So, nah. If u do do it, then u have to deal Watkins.
  2. Kinda want to take it. I know Adams bout to blow up, but I need wides. I feel ty could have a same kind of season as Adams Ros, but I don't know about Hilton's quad.
  3. i just made a similar trade. cooks for lindsay. because i have d.adams, boyd, brown as my other wides (start 2) and almost nothing at rb. i got mg3, and mack maybe but thats it...rest of them are yeldon, brieda, mcguire, j.adams. i did that deal because of denver's schedule the rest of the way.
  4. take it. ap not that good and juju is about to blow up.
  5. d.hop is a beast, but so is connor. take connor and gordon
  6. i'd take it, but you know it's going to get vetoed.
  7. your team is pretty much set after this week except for kittle's bye so it's all your preference with the trade. do you like evans or m.jones better? you will still have mack for rb depth. a.jones got more upside now that ty is gone...i'd reject that and shop a.jones around...if you're looking to deal