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  1. 0.5 ppr I am planning to start 2 at RB and the other at Flex. Thanks! Barkley at Redskins Fournette at Falcons Mixon at Dolphins (I am starting T. Boyd at WR) Mostert vs Rams
  2. Perriman, Winston has to throw it to someone...he is #3
  3. I hwve Barkley, Mostert, and Gournette myself. Fournette sucks, every other carry is 1.5 yds but I'll probably go with him again...
  4. Oh I didn't realize he was asking about a one week ceiling. I would still ride Jacobs next week. GL
  5. Barring injury, Jacobs will be a top 5 back in this league for the next few years to come.
  6. Fournette a joke, couldn't make a dachshund miss.
  7. Deebo, Sutton, Slayton, Boyd 0.5 ppr Pick 2
  8. Pick 2 please Cousins at Chargers Winston at Lions Allen at Steelers
  9. I have Winston, but I could not bench Mahomes.
  10. 0.5 ppr. I need to start 2 at WR and 1 at Flex. C. Sutton at Chiefs T. Boyd vs Patriots Deebo Samuel vs Falcons D Slayton vs Dolphins Joe Mixon vs Patrots R Mostert vs Falcons
  11. Jacobs. I have Fournette and he is allergic to the endzone.