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  1. Love this kid this year. The biggest concern with him fantasy wise coming up is that he didn’t miss enough bats to be a high end arm. I think he put that noise to rest with his 28.6% k rate.
  2. I guess this is what I’m getting at. Why do you think he’s worth half his cost? Why is he DND? He’s in a great lineup, great park, great division, SS/2B eligible, and just hit .280/38hr as a 22 year old. He’s worth only $16?!!
  3. Age 23 season. 2B and SS eligibility but will be playing SS in 2020. He’s a former top prospect coming off a huge breakout season but the hype around him is startlingly light. Some of the red flags - he doesn’t hit the ball super hard, doesn’t have the best launch angle, 13 of 38HR vs Orioles, etc. - are there but again, he was 22! Torres is literally on an ARod type trajectory but just isn’t getting the love he may deserve. Does he grow even more in 2020 or turn into a .275/25-30hr hitter who is solid but not spectacular?
  4. If he keeps stroking it he’s going to leave the Jays with no other choice.
  5. I feel like he’s going to have a monster year. Steamer has him at .273/32hr/14sb which would be pretty solid. I think there’s room to grow in both his power and avg there though.
  6. Roberts announced today that the plan is for Joc to be the strong side of the LF platoon with Pollock. If he stays with LAD, or gets traded still, I think he’s going to be a solid value in 2020. A repeat of last year (.250/36hr) is definitely doable and he could even improve on that at 27. Doubt he’s going to see increased time v LHP but I’m fine with that for his current cost.
  7. I’m a bit worried about that as well. .300/25-30hr/8-10 steals isnt really Top 10 material. I do think there’s of course upside for more but he needs to steal some bags in order to keep that high end value. His counting stats could be insane this year though, as they were in Boston too.
  8. Surprised they added Jeter Downs to get this done. Where is the earliest you’d take Mookie given he’s for sure in LA? I think he’s in consideration from 4 on (Acuna, Trout, Yelich). Thoughts?
  9. He’s baaaack. After an absurd line this season at AAA he should finally get some PT to see what he can do vs MLB arms.
  10. Promoted to AAA along with Waters.
  11. Yup, agreed on that. They’re up to 7 straight though so we will see. I’m not a Mets fan so I don’t want to come off as biased or anything, I just feel that people hate them (for good reason) and it jades the realistic standpoint of the team.
  12. And always after he gets a little banged up but “plays through it.” I knew this was going to happen immediately after he left that game with his knee hurting.
  13. You’re right about Vargas, my bad. They are better than SF, Arizona and the 3 teams you mentioned behind them. They also certainly have the talent to compete with Milwaukee, Philly and St Louis for the wild card. They have the best staff of that group by a mile. I’m not saying they are going to do it but I think it’s a possible scenario with some 55 games left to go. I will add if I had to put money down, I would go Washington and Milwaukee for the WC.
  14. DeGrom, Thor (pitching well), Wheeler (pitching better), Stroman and Vargas is a really good starting 5. I’m a fairly big Mets hater but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them make a play at the Wild Card. If they can get McNeil, Conforto and Alonso to click at the top of the lineup this team has legit talent. I’m wishing the best for them but we’ll see. Defense and their bullpen have been their weakest links so far and I don’t really see those improving all that much other than Diaz who SHOULD have a much better second half.