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  1. And now Stratton getting the save opp and not Rodriguez..WTF!!! 😡😡
  2. UNREAL...must have tweaked that arm and they were being cautious since playoffs right around the corner
  3. given the right settings and amount of keepers you can have it would be dumb NOT to keep if those things line up....IF he even comes close to this years numbers next season, that is a weapon to have on your team for sure..
  4. so he struck him out twice in the same at bat?
  5. loved the use of the Halloween series, and as a big fan of it, just wanted to keep things lined up 🤣🤣
  6. Halloween 3 didn’t even have Michael Myers in
  7. Scratched today saying he has had bicep tightness since his last start..anyone concerned they shut him down till the playoffs start?
  8. Bohm sick and out of lineup and clevinger scratched with forearm tightness 😡😡