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  1. kinda surprised nobody watches these classic movies!!
  2. and just to remind anyone responding....this is the LAST year baez can be kept at 9th round value, escobar can be kept at 18th round value for this year and 2021 FWIW
  3. yeah, and at 117 picks to me, it's not a no-brainer - and IF escobar was to duplcate or come real close to what he did last year, he would be the easy choice at 117 picks later value....that is the million dollar question
  4. revisiting this topic, have some time before i have to make decision
  5. you are missing the clear cut rules of the "save" for one thing
  6. are dazed and confused for sure dude
  7. didn't look good...anyone see any updates for him in this last week of the season?
  8. There was NO save opp for Workman today people...smh
  9. Would like to thank the idiot Mets manager who pulled lugo when I need saves..hope the moron doesn’t make the playoffs
  10. you even realize you shouldn’t be mad at him..he pitched great did he pull himself out of the game..SMH