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  1. desperate times here if you are deciding between these take the queen city or flip a coin....neither one can be counted on
  2. Easy guess fiven your options you both guys will be lucky to keep their era and whip under 4.30 and 1.30, and who knows how many innings Javier will even see this year
  3. Dear god is this a 20+ team league..this is a total coin flip between guys that can’t me really counted on for anything this season.
  4. yea,I agree he should be more valuable for sure in this format ..but every league is different, and apparently the owners of this league in question DONT value him much at all given he went for $
  5. Betances has literally no value if you got him for $1..once again, this deal is a no brainer and you need to hit ACCEPT now!
  6. betances is a bench guy for him, they can only start 3 rp’ it’s not a loss for him
  7. doesn’t matter where he bats in the lineup, IF they both stay healthy Cruz will still put up better numbers, bottom line
  8. This is a no brainer given your roster and format..the other owner must be very desperate for a SS
  9. you may want to do your homework before posting , Vaughn is a top 20 prospect in literally every baseball prospect ranking that is out there..lolol
  10. Hasn’t he averaged right at a strikeout per inning during his pro career? you may wanna do a little homework before making a post
  11. So who would you be taking out of your starting lineup if you made this deal?