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  1. 12 Teams, Dynasty, IDP, Head Coach, Snake draft... ...Oh, and yeah, some of your players will have Super Powers Make sure you read the footnotes If interested, email at
  2. Changing the Blind Bidding draft to a Snake Draft
  3. Got an open slot in our Vampire League called, Vampire Island Redraft - make sure to read the footnotes Let me know if you want to join by emailing me at Thanks Rich Your Future Commish
  4. How about a league where players have Super Powers? 12 teams - IDP - Head Coach - Blind Bidding draft Make sure you read the footnotes before replying If you are interested in playing or have questions, email me at Thanks Rich Your Future Commish
  5. Hello, Got one last spot to fill in a Survivor like Empire league. Starting out with 20 teams and each year a team gets eliminated. Check it out... http://www60.myfanta...19/home/60339#0 Make sure you read the footnotes to completely understand. If you have any questions or want to join, email me at Thanks Rich
  6. There is a very large forest called the Cursed Woods of Hellvania. In that forest is a place where most people live that is called Tombstone Township. In the middle of the township is the High Castle where the elite live. All of them have a few things in common; The people in the forest, township, and castle love playing fantasy football and there always seems to be a Vampire that sneaks into their leagues.• The basic concept for a Vampire League is that you have a redraft league of 12 owners and one owner is randomly picked as the Vampire Team. The Vampire Team does not get to draft. That team, after the draft is completed, picks players to fill their roster with players that are left over.• There are no trades. Well, with one exception…If the Vampire Team beats another team, they get to trade one of their starting players for another starting player of the losing team of the same position; RB for RB, WR for WR, etc…• The original concept calls for no waivers, but we are going deviate from that just a bit. If one of your players goes on their NFL team’s IR (or gets waived and becomes a FA), you can make a waiver move as long as there is another team, in your conference, that also has a player that ended up on their NFL team’s IR (or gets waived and becomes a FA).In Vampire Nation, there are 3 conferences (The High Castle, Tombstone Township, and The Cursed Woods) of 12 teams each. Each conference will have 1 Vampire Team.To learn more, visit the league's MFL website at you want to join, email me at richhavlik@gmail.comThanksRich PS Make sure to read the footnotes...very important!!!
  7. Email me if you are interested or have questions