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  1. he's a damn good hitter. I'd be trying to stash in anything 12 teams or deeper. It seems like Dylan Carlson has surpassed him in hype but I'm honestly more sold on Kieboom as a long term producer - with similar upside. I know he gets Bregman comps from his biggest advocates - that's a rich comp, and tough to live up to - how about .285/.370/.520 at peak with 25-30 dingers and fairly respectable splits? Who might that compare to?
  2. Site: Fantrax Entry fee: $25 total, which pays for the first five years. (not including Fantrax Premium fees) League size: 14, 16, or 20 - depends on interest. Draft pool: All-players; no Majors/Minors segregation League communication: Slack... probably? I have lots of custom baseball emojis on Slack lol I'm putting this league together for a few reasons: 1. Give people a chance to draft, because drafting is the best. (slow draft) 2. $5 fee to keep people honest with light incentive, without breaking the bank (free leagues go down the drain quick... hopeless this would slightly mitigate that risk) Off to drive 6+ hours... if anyone is interested please leave a comment below. Thanks
  3. A more athletic/TooledUp™ Dansby Swanson with a splash of Derek Jeter and Michael Young, with an athletic potential that could rival Mookie Betts. The downside is that he doesn't hit for power and becomes a .290/.355/.440 type with 15 homers. Which still isn't awful. But I think he'll push 25 dingers at peak with excellent counting stats and sublime percentages. If I could flip, say, Nick Madrigal for a top 3 FYPD pick, I'd probably do it, because the upside is so much higher.
  4. if it's worth anything, Arenado netted Luis Castillo + Eloy Jimenez in my 14-team 5X5 Roto that said, the trade went through prior to the 2019 season, so Arenado was younger and LC/Eloy may have had lower value.
  5. I love Stripling, he'd be an SP2 for a lot of teams. I could see him being similiar to Kris Medlen before the injuries. or maybe a homeless man's Zack Greinke.
  6. I'm honestly surprised Giancarlo has accumulated that much fwar... feels like he's had one dominant season, one shortened-but-dominant season, and a bunch of frustration.
  7. His Youtube reel was like a showcase for a Vladito/Sano hybrid. I bit hard, hook line and sinker. Spent a high FYPD pick on him.
  8. they are buddies, eh? the more you know!
  9. Hello Thunderbay,

    I am interested in the $25 startup. The league settings look great  (I'd prefer 20+ minors but beggars can't be choosers). 

    Is it a slow draft?  regular snake style? 


  10. I shoot for ceiling first and foremost. With that in mind: 1. Rocchio 2. LRod 3. Parades 4. Heriberto 5. Dalbec Full disclosure: I'm tempted to rank Luis Rodriguez #1. Body and bat skills are very reminiscent of Manny Machado. He's a young project though, so the floor is probably lower than anyone else on this list. I think Parades is currently one of the most overrated Minors prospects. The BB:K rates are nice, but phsyically I see Jhonny Peralta as essentially the best-case scenario. Check out Rocchio here, if you haven't seen him in action. The stats (.250/.310/.373) haven't caught up to the skills, but this is a switch-hitting 19 year old with super high baseball IQ and an Albies-like skillset. I wouldn't be shocked to see a future where his peak lines are "a moore Tooled Up, star-powered Cesar Hernandez". Or maybe Albies lite sounds more appealing. Either way, I think there's a lot to work with here - and any time a 19 year old has lots of athleticism/skill combined with a high IQ, I'm interested. Heriberto... Heriberto... more like Hype-i-berto, am I right? What are we betting on happening here? Pipeline graded him out at 50 hit, 50 power, 45 run. So we'd really need him to stick at catcher for that to play, no? They end with this line, "He's shaky behind the plate and has seen time at first base, but he'll probably wind up on an outfield corner." Is a stocky corner outfielder with 50-50-45 grades going to win any leagues? I'll pass there for now - a bet on Heriberto is a bet that the bat is truly special. I'm not there yet. It sucks losing Lux, but for Bieber/Manoah/Rocchio I'd be feeling good. If you're more in win-now (or win "soon" mode), Dalbec or Parades are the play. If you're feeling lucky, I'd also consider gambling on Luis Rodriguez. The Dodgers kick a** at developing players, and he is a gifted kid with a projectable hit+power frame. He'd probably have the highest true upside of the group, if not for Rocchio's speed. In a point league, where speed is less significant, he'd probably be my #1 choice.
  11. this looks hardcore, and I am all for it. So there are four leagues, all independent of each other? Are they all run by the same commissioner? I guess I'm trying to figure out the benefit of having 4 leagues if they all are, functionally, separate fantasy leagues - community? I think it's awesome, just curious. and just to be clear, the upper leagues are dynasty, but Class A short season is a redraft league? Thanks
  12. I don't want to overwhelm this thread with my own chatter/thoughts but... I'm not sure if The COVID-16 is a sustainable league name for the long term. Maybe a bit tacky. Or maybe, forever emblamatic of when we came together. へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ Some other league name ideas, if we're going for something a bit more... pristine: Dynasty Dreams Grand Slam Dynasty Bases Loaded League (BLL) Let's Play Two N.A.B.L. (North American Baseball League) Dynasty16 Prospect Wonderland eh... nothing sings to me. any other ideas?
  13. Will do! Honestly, I was looking forward to this season more than ever, and it's been a tough loss. With lots of people in shelter and getting laid off, it seems like a great time for a dynasty slow draft without a substantial buy-in - but enough to say "I'm committed" P.S. currently 25% full