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  1. Hello Thunderbay,

    I am interested in the $25 startup. The league settings look great  (I'd prefer 20+ minors but beggars can't be choosers). 

    Is it a slow draft?  regular snake style? 


  2. I shoot for ceiling first and foremost. With that in mind: 1. Rocchio 2. LRod 3. Parades 4. Heriberto 5. Dalbec Full disclosure: I'm tempted to rank Luis Rodriguez #1. Body and bat skills are very reminiscent of Manny Machado. He's a young project though, so the floor is probably lower than anyone else on this list. I think Parades is currently one of the most overrated Minors prospects. The BB:K rates are nice, but phsyically I see Jhonny Peralta as essentially the best-case scenario. Check out Rocchio here, if you haven't seen him in action. The stats (.250/.310/.373) haven't caught up to the skills, but this is a switch-hitting 19 year old with super high baseball IQ and an Albies-like skillset. I wouldn't be shocked to see a future where his peak lines are "a moore Tooled Up, star-powered Cesar Hernandez". Or maybe Albies lite sounds more appealing. Either way, I think there's a lot to work with here - and any time a 19 year old has lots of athleticism/skill combined with a high IQ, I'm interested. Heriberto... Heriberto... more like Hype-i-berto, am I right? What are we betting on happening here? Pipeline graded him out at 50 hit, 50 power, 45 run. So we'd really need him to stick at catcher for that to play, no? They end with this line, "He's shaky behind the plate and has seen time at first base, but he'll probably wind up on an outfield corner." Is a stocky corner outfielder with 50-50-45 grades going to win any leagues? I'll pass there for now - a bet on Heriberto is a bet that the bat is truly special. I'm not there yet. It sucks losing Lux, but for Bieber/Manoah/Rocchio I'd be feeling good. If you're more in win-now (or win "soon" mode), Dalbec or Parades are the play. If you're feeling lucky, I'd also consider gambling on Luis Rodriguez. The Dodgers kick a** at developing players, and he is a gifted kid with a projectable hit+power frame. He'd probably have the highest true upside of the group, if not for Rocchio's speed. In a point league, where speed is less significant, he'd probably be my #1 choice.
  3. this looks hardcore, and I am all for it. So there are four leagues, all independent of each other? Are they all run by the same commissioner? I guess I'm trying to figure out the benefit of having 4 leagues if they all are, functionally, separate fantasy leagues - community? I think it's awesome, just curious. and just to be clear, the upper leagues are dynasty, but Class A short season is a redraft league? Thanks
  4. I don't want to overwhelm this thread with my own chatter/thoughts but... I'm not sure if The COVID-16 is a sustainable league name for the long term. Maybe a bit tacky. Or maybe, forever emblamatic of when we came together. へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ Some other league name ideas, if we're going for something a bit more... pristine: Dynasty Dreams Grand Slam Dynasty Bases Loaded League (BLL) Let's Play Two N.A.B.L. (North American Baseball League) Dynasty16 Prospect Wonderland eh... nothing sings to me. any other ideas?
  5. Will do! Honestly, I was looking forward to this season more than ever, and it's been a tough loss. With lots of people in shelter and getting laid off, it seems like a great time for a dynasty slow draft without a substantial buy-in - but enough to say "I'm committed" P.S. currently 25% full
  6. $2 for a third place finish doesn't have you salivating!? 😲 I'm open to raising it a little bit. My thinking was: - there are tons of free leagues popping up. My experience in free leagues is that folks lose interest, or bail, because there is nothing at stake. - I also like the idea of 5 year contracts as a form of monetary long-term commitment, rather than, say, the $100 yearly leagues where folks may be tempted to treat it like a redraft and then bail, or disband a poorly managed team (I'm in two dynasties at the moment, and there is a predictable annual GM turnover of the teams with the worst rosters) That said, $10 isn't a ton of incentive. What kind of annual fee would you propose for a 5-year sign-on contract? I could see $50 entry fee @ $10/year - or is that still too low?
  7. P.S. If the 2020 season ends up being 120 games or fewer, I'm open to having the first year be free - and the fees going toward the next five years
  8. alright! getting some nibbles. I hope y'all are down to start the slow draft as soon as we officially fill up P.S. The Slack communication isn't 100% necessary - but it would be neat to set up some channels like "Trade block" and "Settings discussion" and whatnot. Not to mention the 400+ custom emojis waiting to be unleashed on everyone 😎😋
  9. (working link to the Custom league mentioned above) Draft Pool: Full player universe (not MLB/MiLB segregated) _______________________________________________________________________ If interested, please reply in the comments below (or PM me) why you'd be a good fit for this league. Some GM qualities that we are looking for: - Loves baseball (first and foremost) - Follows the Minors, or enjoys "prospecting" - Committed for the 5-year haul, with hopes of "re-upping" for another 5 years when our first GM contracts run out - Understands the value of Fantrax Premium™, and therefore is willing to shell out the ≈ $6 yearly fee for its benefits - Is willing to use Slack for a significant portion of league communication and chat
  10. I mean, Heliot is who Ona would become in a dream scenario. That thick, fairly athletic bod with good pop who can hit. It was a bit out of left field.
  11. agreed, the days of seeing the Pavin Smith's ranked over Luis Matos' seem to be long gone. The thing that troubles me though, is not having full certainty of each dynasty league existing by the time the pups arrive (I suppose my own existence at that point isn't certain either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).) Which is why I'm always looking for a league with long-term commitments. I'd much rather join a $50 league that covers five years at $10 per year, than a $50 league where you pay each season. I applaud ProspectsLive for implementing something of that variety with their new bestball. But more on topic, I've become enamored with the Giants system in recent weeks - which is somewhat unexpected considering it felt like "Chris Shaw and a bunch of farts" just a couple seasons ago. Whomever is doing their international scouting is absolutely killing it. Aside from the obvious high riser in Luciano, I'm super intrigued by Pomares, Matos, and Canario. (and while we are here, Tristan Beck is showing flashes reminiscent of the "lost" Giants prospect, one Zack Wheeler). Even Abiatel Avelino looks somewhat intriguing, as seen here. I'm not a huge Heliot Ramos fan (dream scenario Jorge Ona?) but I think Seth Corry is among the most underrated pitching prospects in the game. This farm has come miles from where they were, and I won't be shocked if any of Matos, Pomares, or Canario become "the next big thing" - to an extent. Especially Matos.
  12. I love the frame, twitch, and athleticism shown here. It's a gut call that he's one of those guys who has the basic tools in place, who will really take off with added strength / the body filling out. There is, of course, the blaring alarm of his modest power stats in the Minors to this point. One time, many years ago, I saw a blonde woman in the middle of a grocery aisle in Whole Foods in west LA. She had a beauty and charismatic magnetism that stopped me in my tracks. I honestly started laughing - (a strange instinctual response) - because it was just so much to behold. She took my breath away; it was like time stood still. She may have had middling stats the year before, but in that moment I knew she was a superstar.
  13. This is a glorious thread. So cathartic. Truly. For me, Willie Calhoun comes to mind. I like Willie Calhoun - especially at his 2020 redraft price - but going "all in" on him in his first year with Texas was a mistake. Banking on immediate production, in one dynasty startup I took him just picks before Gleyber Torres and Ozzie Albies. In the prospect-draft section of another dynasty, I traded up to snag Willie Calhoun toward the end of round 1 -- just ahead of a prospect named Victor Robles -- who had higher true upside, but wouldn't provide the same immediate production (I used my other 1st round pick on Brent Honeywell). My coldest take ever was probably that prospect Bryce Harper was supremely overrated and wouldn't amount to much more than his generation's Mike Jacobs. You may not remember Mike Jacobs - maybe that's the point. More recently, I've been proven wrong on Royce Lewis. He looks awesome. I really thought he was an overhyped "athlete" who lacked a big-league feel to hit. Now he looks like a golden dynasty asset for years to come.
  14. I truly believe this may be the greatest comment in the history of these boards. 😂
  15. in order of how much they BOOM upward: 1. Noelvi Marte - If I had to choose one Minor Leaguer to become the next Mookie Betts, it would be him. 2. Jarren Duran - sneaky Tooled Up™ athlete with exceptional instincts, feel to hit, and sneaky pop. Sky is the limit. 3. Jairo Pomares - Shades of a young Ozzie Albies. Dude can play. Dude can hit. 4. Misael Urbina - really nice overall package. that's what she said. 5. Hedbert Perez - Loud, hard contact. Toolsy and explosive. Hed-Bert. 6. Maikol Escotto - a bit of an enigma, but I've seen enough tools to believe in a Noelvi-like rise to prospect prominence 7. Brandon Williamson - sneaky superb arsenal with recently-increased velo and high-potential offspeed offerings 8. Jose Devers - overlooked because he (allegedly) lacks power. I love the speed and believe the hit tool will play at the Major League level. A strong "buy" in dynasty leagues everywhere. 9. Kameron Misner - bold prediction: by the end of 2020, Misner is within 10 spots of JJ Bleday on most prospect lists. 10. Kevin Made / Jhon Diaz <-- not massive helium bumps, but the beginnings of some traction. An "engine revvv", if you will. Honorable mentions: Matthew Allan - Has the makings of a fast-riser. Could push top-100 lists by season's end. Ethan Hankins - already touted, but I think he goes semi-meteoric Jake Cronenworth - prediction: makes Padres roster; shows far more offensive polish/upside than expected Lane Thomas - underrated power/speed combo. nice athleticism. Shea Langaliers - has some notoriety, but I think the bat is more potent than the industry realizes. He will prove this in short time. Jerar Luis Encarnacion - The power is legit, as is the athleticism. With a serviceable contact rate, I don't see what's stopping him from being a .250 35+ home run guy. EDIT: Luis f***** Matos. Yes, please.