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  1. this guy looks absolutely insane on film That kind of size and strength, when combined with athleticism and speed, is the stuff greats are made of. In dynasty I would be extremely aggressive with trade offers. In redraft, I'd be willing to drop a Zack Moss type just in case Jones' calf continues to be an issue, and Dillon becomes - in essence - the Chris Carson of the Packers offense, with meteoric touchdown potential. But I realize these are loud and rosy proclomations, it would be wise to temper expecations and -- oh screw it ---- Too big. Too fast. Too strong.
  2. may Todd Gurley, Adrian Peterson, & David Johnson bless your kind soul.
  3. old news? I wish I shared your confidence. TB defense is nasty. Jacobs has been TD dependent -- YPC averages per game are 3.2, 3.3, 4.4, 3.3, 3.7. The 4.2 targets per game help mitigate that a bit... but he was a borderline 'sit' for me even before the COVID news - largely dependent on your teams RB depth. I'm struggling to choose two between Jacobs, Gio Bernard, and Swift. I'm tempted to roll with the lesser names, in rosier situations.
  4. Clyde Edwards-Helaire. I am trying to pry him from a (potentially) scorned/panicked owner. Why? 1. he's a talented back due for positive regression 2. Leveon Bell's arrival could affect touches and perception of CEH as the lead back - but Leveon Bell is not who he used to be. I'm less concerned about Bell than I am about KC simply trying to air it out and get back to that unstoppable, explosive "modern G.S.O.T. Kurt-Warner-Rams thing"
  5. I really like Kupp, and Carr is a frustrating qb (not last week, but usually) I guess if you like Golladay way more than Kupp, do it. Personally I'd have a tough time pulling the trigger.
  6. the fact that you have Claypool makes it interesting. Personally I'm trying to sell high on Fuller because 1. he seems fairly TD dependent (target #s don't instill too much confidence) and 2. injury risk In fact, I was just offered Cam Akers for Fuller straight up, if that helps gauge his value at all. I think Fuller should fetch more than Akers though.
  7. I've waivered my way into three solid TE: Hunter Henry, Robert Tonyan, Mike Gisecki. Henry is on bye, Gisecki is probably the best play this week, but Tonyan is super interesting. I want to clear space for a recently-dropped Zack Moss. Who is the odd man out? Is it foolish to drop Hunter Henry in a 10-man league? WHIR EDIT: also could drop D'Andre Swift, but he's my lottery RB4 after Chase Edmonds - whom I don't have a lot of faith in
  8. Where are you getting that info / feeling from ?
  9. worth noting that Burrow overshot him on a route where Mixon was painfully wide open, with literally 20-30 yards of completely unmarked real estate in front of him. I know NFL defenders close fast, but it would have been an easy 25+ yeard play, with the potential for a whole lot more. I re-iterate: Joe Mixon is a so gosh darn talented. Rostering him sometimes feels like rostering Amari Cooper during Cooper's time with the Raiders -- you see the player bursting with talent but the situation keep muting that talent. I have a lot more hope in this iteration of the Bengals - especially with Burrow - and I finally feel confident that great things are ahead for Mixon. I'm honestly not sure which RB has a better combination of agility, burst, and force than Mixon. He seems chronically under-utilized in the screen and short-pass game, he's a helluva force when he has room to operate.
  10. I think he looks great with the ball in his hands. I wouldn't be shocked if he quickly gets a decent share of opps this week. An absolute desperation play in league play... but I low-key like him as a super cheap DFS tournament flier. You never know. It's not like Darryl Henderson is rookie year Todd Gurley or anything...
  11. 2QB is a hard adjustment or some, it seems. The way I see it, 2QB almost completely levels the positional playing field, so that an elite QB is almost as valuable as an elite RB. Let's take Josh Allen for instance (QB3 so far). He's averaging 29.4 fantasy points per game. Derek Carr is QB20 on the year - so a QB2 in superflex. He is averaging 17 points per game. A 13 points per game difference. For fun, let's do the same thing with running backs. Aaron Jones is RB3 on the year (like Allen - this is working out swimmingly!). 23.6 PPG for Jones. Miles Sanders is the RB20 on the year. He is averaging 13.30 PPG. A difference of roughly 13 - as was the difference between Allen and Carr. To gauge "replacement" level... let's drop down 10 more spots to the #30 player at each position. Leonard Fournette (≈10 ppg) is RB30. Dwyane Haskins (≈13 ppg) is QB30. As you dip further down the list, it's clear that the lower ranked RB's have more in-game opportunities than the lower ranked QB's. Probably because teams only start one QB. Sure, there is a FLEX spot, so you can theoretically start three RB's, to 2 QB's -- but I don't think it's blasphemous to conclude that if anything, solid QB's are more valuable than solid RB's in Superflex. TL;DR Josh Allen versus Aaron Jones is incredibly close in Superflex, and ultimately comes down to the replacement options you have at each position. In a nutshell, I'd rather have Josh Allen (QB3) + Miles Sanders (RB20) than Derek Carr (QB20) + Aaron Jones (RB3).
  12. RB2 and FLEX spots .5 PPR Choose 2 Joe Mixon (Baltimore) A.J. Brown (Buffalo) Joshua Kelley (New Orleans) I also have the option to start AJ Brown at Flex, and declare Kelley his "replacement" were Titans/Bills to get cancelled on Tuesday. WHIR
  13. He looked really good - shockingly good even hands √ athleticism √ routes? I'm not one to analyze but... √ ??? To be fair, Mike Evans looked like he was running through mollasses - so it could have been a "Scranton 7"
  14. .330 / 50? Soto is a prodigy... but that's some Lou Gehrig kind of voodoo. I mean, Ken Griffey Jr. reached the 50-homer plateau only twice - and while his discipline isn't on the level of Soto, his swing was far more geared for bombs. I agree with the .330 though. He's a sublime hitter. *sigh*.... I need to do some pushups....