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  1. Correction: It looks like it was the 11th, and the Cubs happened to score at the bottom half.
  2. Well the solution is in the rules: 7.03 Forfeited Games(a) A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team:(1) Fails to appear upon the field, or being upon the field,
  3. Probably he worked out with Yelich during the Covid break.
  4. as reliever 30,2 IP 1,47 ERA 0,95 WHIP as starter 80,2 IP 4,57 ERA 1,35 WHIP
  5. How about Cleveland Native Americans, or maybe Cleveland Indigenous Americans, although this one would turn into CIA real quik.I would vote for Cleveland Humans Who Were Here Before Others as their new team name.
  6. Well he may be of no use, but he needs to be on the DL in leagues where he has value as a keeper. There is no two-way player on Yahoo. So what? Don't see a reason why is that absolutely necessary. I would think there are more important issues, like let the comish decide the playoff schedule, instead of trying to select the least bad option. Like we would like to have a 4 team playoffs with 2 week matchups, but don't want to play the last week of the MLB season, when players start to get a lot of rest. Let the league decide what tiebreakers to use. Give leagues the option of separate benchhitter and benchpitcher positions instead of just bench. Give leagues the option of number of Starters to use / matchup. Give leagues a team bullpen option like team defense in football, with the added function that managers can select which reliever or relievers they want to use on any given day. Enables a more casual play because closer hunting becomes unnecessary. And do not re-rank players like 6-7 times between opening up the game and season start. etc...
  7. Which would cause problems in many keeper and dynasty leagues.
  8. On the contrary. The guy does not play as a pitcher because injured/recovering. So he is of no use in a fantasy league, and needs to be on the DL, not ot take up a spot But plays as a batter. I can't understand how people playing a fantasy game have no fantasy to imagine that this guy is two players with the same name and still crying over this.
  9. Just because the date shows a different number there is no reason to do anything if nothing happened since draft day. Only issue is injured and suspended players. But this can be solved by using Waivers.
  10. No it is not a problem. Will Smith is 2 players too. Yet nobody cries about that endlessly. Why? Because he is 2 players in real life? This is a game of Fantasy. Use your imagination, and imagine that the two 2 Ohtanis are not the same person in real life, like Will Smith. How hard is that? If you can't do that, play something else. A Fantasy game is not for you.
  11. This thread is about corona virus right? And the link is about MLB games in London in June. Still nothing? Well, the answer is that those games just got cancelled, because of the virus epidemic, as predicted.
  12. In 2017 Hays was a completely different player. 9/19 in 2017 and 17/26 after. 11/16 in his last 16. Improved. Makes no sense to use outdated data. The only reason Goldy is here because you said after only 45 SBA in 1500 PA people don't become base stealers. Goldy had less attempts in the Minors, yet he did.