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  1. Just because the date shows a different number there is no reason to do anything if nothing happened since draft day. Only issue is injured and suspended players. But this can be solved by using Waivers.
  2. No it is not a problem. Will Smith is 2 players too. Yet nobody cries about that endlessly. Why? Because he is 2 players in real life? This is a game of Fantasy. Use your imagination, and imagine that the two 2 Ohtanis are not the same person in real life, like Will Smith. How hard is that? If you can't do that, play something else. A Fantasy game is not for you.
  3. This thread is about corona virus right? And the link is about MLB games in London in June. Still nothing? Well, the answer is that those games just got cancelled, because of the virus epidemic, as predicted.
  4. In 2017 Hays was a completely different player. 9/19 in 2017 and 17/26 after. 11/16 in his last 16. Improved. Makes no sense to use outdated data. The only reason Goldy is here because you said after only 45 SBA in 1500 PA people don't become base stealers. Goldy had less attempts in the Minors, yet he did.
  5. No disrespect but you lost your perspective. You completely got lost in rate stats, but the small sample size misleads you. The actual difference between Goldy 72% and Hays 65% is exactly 1 SB. 11/17 -> 12/17 One event. Which could have been a bad call by the umpire. So I think judgement is still up in the air.
  6. 1387 PA 25 SBA 18 SB These are the numbers of Paul Goldschmidt in the Minors. Austin Hays was 11 SB and 5 CS last season in AA+AAA+MLB Anything can happen.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51787238 Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people. Prime Minister announced the closure of schools, gyms, museums, nightclubs and other venues across the whole country.
  8. https://www.mlblondonseries.com/#home-ls
  9. Probably not good enough, so Yahoo already moved him down 15 spots. 😀
  10. Correct. And Brady lovers are just as irrational. But most people who criticize Brady are not Brady haters. They are called rational. And the people who fail to see logic in logic are the completely biased Brady lovers. Simple.
  11. I just saw this thread, as I rarely read Football, so maybe all things been said here on 70 pages, but I find it shocking to even consider this idea, so I decided to add what I learned over the years watching Manning and Brady teams. Payton Manning was probably the greatest game manager I've ever seen. Had a great arm too. To me, Manning is the best QB of the era after the Montana Marino Elway era. While Brady is nothing more then a mediocre QB who happened to be at the right place at the right time. Bill Belichick on Brady: "Works very hard, he is very smart. He has trained hard, worked hard on his throwing mechanics. He has worked hard on his mental understanding of the game, and process. He is not a great natural athlete. He is a very smart instinctive football player. It's not all about talent, it's about dependability, consistency. " So according to his coach, who is clearly one of the greatest coaches of all time, Brady is not that talented, and not a natural athlete. Fairly evident if you look at his QB challenge tape on Youtube. Finished with zero point in accuracy. What was evident over the years, that Brady can't do crap behind an average O-line with no receivers like Welker, Edelman, Randy Moss, Gronk and the mostly forgotten man Troy Brown. While with Randy Moss it was easy, as Randy Moss made even Dante Culpepper look like a Hall of Famer. The other one who was catching medium distance throws was Gronk, who is a Hall of Fame TE, who would have been easily great with any QB in the league with his size, strength and good hands. These are the facts. Troy Brown was like Welker and Edelman, it's just back then those type of players were overlooked. Mostly, but not by Bill Belichick. And those pesky Wide Receivers allowed Brady to throw short easy completions. And what not many people know, that despite Brady was use to be a top yardage QB in every season, his Air Yards sucked, as his was nearly always bottom half in the league, while the Patriots receivers YAC was one of the best in the league. Now combine that with huge volume and you get a mediocre QB getting these numbers. Ok, one could argue that for this much volume you need to throw a lot, but that is where the O-Line came into picture. His O-line (or sometimes the referees) gave him enough time to make the easy throw. I wonder which NFL level QB can't do what Brady did. Standing there in great protection waiting for his speedy receiver or the Hall of Famer receiver to get open. Many times he had so much time that he could have had a danish and coffee and reading the morning news while waiting for the receiver to get open. And the refs rarely called offensive holding on the Patriots for "whatever reason". Well I said Im wondering, but actually not much of a wondering, since Im sure every NFL caliber QB could do this who has the brain to understand simple things, as DO NOT SCREW UP. That is all he had to do. Belichick made life easy for Brady. All in all Brady is a mediocre QB who would have never survived on any other team. He was an afterthought on draft day for a very good reason. He is nothing special, just been in the right place at the right time.
  12. No he did not. It was 316 AB. He played 84 Games in 91 Team games to be accurate. TBD. If you say so. But that math does not add up. I tried to figure out how could you get from his production to that 600 PA number but I could not. Neither could baseball-reference, despite they predict stats over 162 games (661 PAs) That 40 HR 100 Run thing is ridiculous, but hey, anything can happen. Which reminds me, I have to check my lottery numbers from last week.
  13. "to think getting 1B eligibility adds no value is ridiculous." Nobody said that. You are imagining things. Your mistake with Voit is that you looking at rankings with OBP instead of AVG. Huge difference.