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  1. As an elementary teacher, names like this frustrate me.
  2. Is this the guy all Villar owners have been waiting to cut him for?
  3. He must mean that Davis and Bruce combined hit a homer every 1-2 games. That's all I could come up with there.
  4. He's sitting today against a rightie. Any insight here? He's had a few games off due to lefties recently so I'm not sure why he is sitting today.
  5. I've been defending Yelich all year in this thread. This dude can hit and get on base with the best of them. OPS ing over 1.000 the last 30 days
  6. If you plugged him in for the last 30 days, your squad received this line: 15/10/18/0 .303/.312/.674 Three 0-fers during that 22 game stretch coupled with 10 dongs. OBP not that great but still managing a .986 OPS despite.
  7. Define "elite pitcher". (Sits back with a beer ready to read the next 5 pages worth of semantic based arguments) P.S. Don't actually define "elite pitcher" please.
  8. Tough lefty coming up tomorrow and it would be nine straight if he played...
  9. Those 13 steals coupled with his triple slash line make for the complete fantasy reach-around. Throw in the fact he was a FA...
  10. Second deck, three-run bomb. The fire gets a little hotter.
  11. Mookie going two straight years with at least 15/15 before the break. Last year 18/15. Was a bum in 2015 only going 10/13.
  12. His calf flared up on him again at the end of the Yankees game. DTD. We are in a very toxic relationship with Braun Dog this year.