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  1. DJ Snore. Certainly not a bust, but going by his ADP he is certainly a disappointment. Very glad I didn’t draft him.
  2. Assuming he either didn’t practice today or was limited again because ESPN just moved his projection to 0.
  3. He’s been above average, especially compared to the start of the season. I don’t know about awesome. Still disappointing for his ADP.
  4. Was not expecting this at all. Hopefully it was a full practice. I’ll take limited with the expectation that he can go full tomorrow, though.
  5. Heal up one more week, king. League winner comes back next week, lads. It is time.
  6. I'm playing him today more out of necessity than anything but he should be good for at least 10 in full PPR.
  7. This is the game Williams gets his first TD of the season (I hope).
  8. Projection up to 15 in ESPN PPR. I'd be ecstatic with that. Gut feeling he's closer to 10 though.
  9. I feel like I'm going to be saying "just one more week until Slant Boy plays" until week 15.
  10. I’m expecting a big PPR game from JRob. Thinking 20+ points.
  11. He just had his best game of the season. Sell him if you got him
  12. Dropping Diontae would be an incredibly unwise move, imo.
  13. Ben can easily support 2 fantasy receivers. More defensive attention on Claypool could even help Johnson's fantasy output.