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  1. Jackson Drake Montgomery Singletary Sanders Jacobs
  2. Won my league with these duds: Winston, Carson, Lockett, Fuller, H. Henry, Pats D LOL (Thank You Julio & Parker 🙏)
  3. Even with a bad matchup gotta go with your stud! Thomas could end up with 1-2 points where Kelce’s floor is probably 10 fantasy points with the volume he gets
  4. Okay thanks! what about the second part of my question?
  5. .5ppr should I play it safe with AP or go with the higher boom in Scott? Also, should I start start Fuller or Amendola over Kirk? Thanks much apreciated!
  6. Here’s a wise motto: Stop playing season long fantasy leagues.
  7. 12 team 0.5ppr Need to start 1 RB and 1 Flex Coleman @ BAL Snell vs CLE Guice @ CAR Kirk vs LAR
  8. Carson has been getting some very unlucky fumbles this year and it seems like Pete agrees. Carson is still the lead back, but for this week we might see a time share only because Vikings rush D is too good that Carson may not be able to rush up in them. Looks like a lot of check down passes to the RB’s this week. Carson still has a nice playoff schedule tho
  9. I hope he can come back at least for the fantasy playoffs, I need this guy!