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  1. Looked like Duke did pretty well in blitz pick up to me. I only got to watch second half but the couple sacks on watson I saw while he was in wasnt on him. It was that horrible line
  2. Look like he was out there a lot on 3rd down too. I think the targets will come.
  3. So TJ is 3rd in line behind a rookie and a 36 year old Gore. I think this is TJs backfield by week 5 or 6 due to lack of performance from the other 2 or injury.
  4. Is he injury prone? And how do we know he isnt a stick mover, has he ever been given a chance?
  5. Looks like Boyd draws Desmond King this week. Thoughts? Trying to decide between him and Kenny G. Both got tough matchups, just think Det/Ari game will be close meaning Detroit will run more and Chargers should score at will, so should be more targets for Boyd.
  6. Maybe the chargers cut Gordon's workload a little and up ekelers after this recent injury scare. Thoughts
  7. Been offered Landry and Diggs for Evan's. 1 ppr. Other wrs are a rob, g tate, g allison. Thin at rbs so gonna be starting 3 wrs, so leaning toward accepting. Thoughts
  8. I really like this site but some of these topics get way off track. Could you guys take your discussion somewhere else and we get back to KB.
  9. Been offered Diggs, Cohen and 1st round pick next year for Mike Evans. Want to pull the trigger but hard to part with Mike. Go for it???
  10. Volume alone will keep him fantasy relevant. Just like Clay in Buffalo.
  11. Cook and Cooper. I don't like Hydes schedule and Hopkins QB.
  12. Current Bell owner is ready to trade Bell. I like Ajayi but the knee and the schedule scares me a little. 1 pt PPR
  13. I prefer Cutler as the Qb. When Cutler and Forte played together, Cutler seemed to target him a lot in the passing game. Hopefully he'll do the same with Ajayi.
  14. Why would they target him more? They were pretty efficient last year, weren't they. Ryan knows he doesn't have to force it to double coverage to Julio.