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  1. played against cooper gibson and mclaurin in both leagues. happy thanksgiving for giving me the bizness
  2. schedule coming up... indy chi indy bengals. the way watson cooking, nothing to be concerned with i guess
  3. if he plays, is he a fade or start? shaky qb play but maybe decent ppr floor for check downs/dump offs. not sure about rushing #'s however.
  4. are you guys gushing about his outlook once he's cleared? did he force the coaching staff's hand yet or is it still a 3 headed beast.
  5. im hoping james white can be that guy... chargers rams dolphins buffalo
  6. picked him up and hoping for mad dump offs from Cam. Hoping he can put up serviceable RB2 numbers with at least a safe floor of 10. .5 ppr starting over edmonds, gio bernard/perine
  7. stafford recent play got me looking at hurts or minshew to hopefully come back and take over in 2QB league.
  8. hoping finley is good enough to target onto the slots otherwise its wr3 days or flex/benchable
  9. not liking this hill experiment for the outlook of kamara. dammit, led my team all season and now his ceiling is gonna be capped if he's not catching passes....
  10. pro: MT targets and receptions cons: at AK's expense
  11. so at least we know hill is bad for kamara's ppr value.