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  1. as long as he stays in the starting lineup and royce goes to the bench. he should still be pretty useful.
  2. i feel like he won't be as rusty as others who come back from a serious injury. he's been taking his time and with rehab and working back to strength. if anything it's the mental aspect of it.
  3. save some for playoffs. 2 60 burgers in a season. more aesthetically pleasing to watch than harden
  4. anything in particular for the meh game
  5. is trae + reddish (Mavs pick?) worth Luka?
  6. statlines if he were to be given minutes smh. what a gem.
  7. If Adams is out, this would be prime opportunity for Noel if he can come back next game healthy.
  8. done i'm leaving now so the waiver will now make a comeback.
  9. Ha! Noel out. Of course. Curse strikes again.
  10. apologies in advance. Culver and Noel is going to suck now that I picked them up. Happened to the last pickups I've made. Doum, Thad Young, OG, Wood, Spellman, Hayes, Bridges, Lee, Payton II. yikes
  11. thinking of buying low, just not sure who to offer before the price goes up
  12. incoming monster game possibly with butler out. if only Isaac didn't get hurt, would've loved my big man PF/C of bam, isaac and JJJ