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  1. joe mixon hunt singletary guice diontae johnson
  2. for it to continue, there needs to be strict testing and clearance. otherwise i don't see it happening any time soon.
  3. if i owned him, i'd dropped him so he can be quarantined in the pool. however, was this only a matter of time even if they played without fans? seemed bound to happen with the odds of someone close to them to contract it.
  4. quite disappointed all the guys with opportunity due to injury will be shitted on.
  5. i have a game tomorrow with lakers vs. rockets, i hope it's not cancelled for the fans....
  6. i know what you mean. sometimes you see someone add someone and think now why would someone add that bum. few hrs later you see some injury news and you’re like ahh thats why.
  7. white's not the only thing coming if this is signs of what's to come. i can only get so erect.
  8. this is the dipo i know and love. hopefully this gets him going with his confidence.
  9. finally.... got thad bad week out of his system. save the next 3 weeks for this type of production
  10. agreed, might've been hasty but going to go based off opportunity once embiid and richardson comes back. versus a banged up spurs team.
  11. dropped shake milton for him. need them 3's and juicy out of position stocks.
  12. is that this week or next haha
  13. crunch time since he's suppose to be reevaluated....then slowly reintegrated into playing time.
  14. if he can get 30 mins and coexist with lavine im sold til then