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  1. Would you say the same about Luisangel Acuna?
  2. He's owned already in my league. Miguel Vargas is not.
  3. I'm looking for some deep high ceiling prospects. Last year we had Alex Canario, Kris Robinson, Julio Rodriguez and George Valera. What's up this year?
  4. Worried about 28% K rate, aren't you?
  5. Wow I own 10 out of the top 50. To contribute to the discussion: this is the highest I've seen Nick Madrigal
  6. Just wanted your opinion. Who do you prefer between Ethan Hankins, Franklin Perez, Kevin Smith and Jose Cantillo?
  7. Finally
  8. What I like from this list is that I own 14 out of my 20 minorleaguer in the top 100. But I really think Fraley @49 is way too high. Instead I find Braxton Garret too low.
  9. What do you guys think? It includes 2019 signings. I found it a bit too much this season performance - related
  10. I can't find his fangraphs page.. Do you? Thx
  11. Last time he struck out it was still May.
  12. James Kaprielian, OAK A+ 2 IP 1 er 1 K Game suspended due to rain in Sunday
  13. Just throwing a name here.. Daniel Johnson of Cleveland. He offers some value and has boring name so might be available even if he is in AA.
  14. When do you think will start pitching? Right away or after extended spring training? Thx