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  1. Devin is plenty talented. And uh, McCoy won't even be on the team this year. He'll be cut or traded.
  2. yeah isn't it obviously going to be a LR platoon?
  3. anyone know if his start will be an opener on Monday or chance they'll let him go 5 or 6 for the win?
  4. isn't his value capped by an innings limit? he only pitched ~ 45 innings each the past 2 years
  5. drop breida should i drop doug martin or royce freeman for elijah mcguire? 0.5 ppr
  6. aaron jones @ lions kerryon johnson v. packers 0.5 ppr
  7. They sure seemed to want to feature sproles/ajayi.
  8. I don't own Ajayi and I'm actually playing Clement this week because I over drafted Royce and underbid FAAB on Lindsay. I'm just not excited about Clement.
  9. Why isn't he getting more hype? He's good. Doesn't dance finds holes gets skinny, picks up yards and falls forward.
  10. I was high on Clement this offseason but after digging deeper and seeing how reluctant Philly is to hand him the keys despite injuries, I've soured on him. He's just a complimentary guy who doesn't have the talent for more upside. He'll be a RB3 if Sproles is done. Which is fine, worth to keep on your bench as a bye week filler. He's slow AF, always gets caught from behind. And ran right into Kazee week 1 on what should have been a TD.
  11. will kershaw pitch again this week on sunday? can't remember if the dodgers like to skip and keep their ace on regular work
  12. he did steal a base yesterday, so that leads me to believe it really might just be a dead arm throwing-only issue that could be temporary. DHing today would be a good sign.
  13. lolz needing a doc in every state is not squared away. he should have taken the money and run. not interested in blind baseball players DND
  14. he's gonna villar. bet on himself and then crumble under the pressure.