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  1. Devin is plenty talented. And uh, McCoy won't even be on the team this year. He'll be cut or traded.
  2. yeah isn't it obviously going to be a LR platoon?
  3. anyone know if his start will be an opener on Monday or chance they'll let him go 5 or 6 for the win?
  4. isn't his value capped by an innings limit? he only pitched ~ 45 innings each the past 2 years
  5. can't find any updates. need him back asap. thinking maybe early sept?
  6. when was his next start going to be anyway? i don't know what the nats current rotation is, but if he were to pitch the 5th day he would have gone twice this week. the second start being on sunday. i would think unless his neck is more than minor, he'll at least start Sunday for those of us in weekly leagues.
  7. anyone know when Yu will make his dodger debut?
  8. and another K sheesh. sorry he came back :/
  9. i know he's pitched well lately, but is his rotation spot safe? houston has a ton of options, including moving to a 6 man rotation
  10. so is he officially in a slump or what? i haven't seen any of his ABs, but seems like soft contact and Ks. wonder if the wrist is bothering him/sapped him of his power
  11. small sample size. guys he's having an awesome season
  12. are the sox rolling with a 6 man rotation right now? i thought ed rod was going to get 2 starts last week
  13. please don't send him out for the 7th...
  14. not out of the woods yet. wait for the MRI...ligaments...
  15. rumors of the rays in talks to acquire wilson from detroit. if he's going to be traded, this is an ideal outcome as he'd become their closer with colome being so bad
  16. No, but the Phils have nothing to play for and he's had injuries. Seems shutting him down in Sept might be on the table.
  17. will he be skipped and or shutdown completely?
  18. does bush have his job back already?
  19. picked him back up this week for 4 games in coors
  20. i'd love it if verly was traded to the NL. get away from the dh and cleveland. who is a realistic suitor? cubs would be great.
  21. is Thames hurt? he was pulled yesterday after hitting a homerun despite the fact that it wasn't a blow out and he hadn't played 2 games in a row. and i know today's a lefty but he's out of the lineup again....
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