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  1. Looking to make a trade in my dynasty league and have been offered his Trout for my Bellinger. While that would be a no-brainer if this was a redraft (or even a two-three year keeper league), I’m hesitant to see what this deal looks like when Bellinger is in his prime and Trout starts to fade. I’m in second place in the league (with Judge, Taillon and Glasgow all on DL), so there’s not a tremendous amount of motivation for this year’s performance. Whats the thought on Bellingers future? He’s number one player now but could he sustain that over the next several years?
  2. If you had to chose in a dynasty trade, Aaron Judge versus Corey Seager, who would you chose? This league favors OBP and a lot initial dynasty rankings has Seager ahead of Judge. I feel skeptical given my league settings and want to gather some opinions before I accept this trade.
  3. i think his decline is due to how he was used. I know he's always been Westy and Durant, but the last two years you've seen a dramatically different Ibaka. I don't know much about Scott Brooks, before Donovan came to town, but i had him on my fantasy team last year and was disappointed, too. i think seems he was more of a wing player than a down low player. You're right, he's not a good rebounder for a PF (and with Vuc and Biyombo, I don't see any uptick in his rebounds). But it seemed he was this 3-point has a direct correlation in his play. He went from 15.1 points per game (so, he's capable of scoring 15+) and 3 blocks per game down to 12.6/2. During this same period, his 3pt attempts went up 300%, his 2pt attempts down 40% and his dunks went down by half. There was a major shift in strategy and usage for Ibaka. When I saw him last year, part of the frustration was that he was disengaged in the offense and looked more like a tall 3-pt decoy to open up the lane for Durant or Westbrook. i think Ibaka just needs a change of scenery and more than a big with 3-point range. I think that's the risk in Ibaka. How will he be used in Orlando? I trust Vogel will use him as a more of a traditional PF, considering his track record. I'm buying.
  4. I think Ibaka is ranked right where he should be. 30th in ESPN, 25th in Yahoo! The fear is that between Ibaka, Vuc and Biyombo, some one is going to be left out. Thing is, I think of the three, Ibaka is the safest. Why? The Magic have next to no offense. Between Vuc, Fournier and Ibaka,my here's a dramatic drop off to consistent scoring. Perhaps Gordon or Mario develop, but as of now, Ibaka will be second or third option in this team. Second reason is defense. This is a strong defense front line. Except Vucecic. He can't defend. He's slow. And Vogel is known as a defensive minded coach. And with the landscape of the NBA turning to quick guard play, Vuc could be on the outside looking in when you need an athletic defender. I think Vuc is actually going to be traded at some point this season. His contract is extremely attractive and with the off season signings, he seems to be the odd man out. I know Ibaka had a down year last year, but look who he was sharing the court with! He had Westbrook and Durant, who each had 30% usage rates each. Ibaka had a 17.5% usage rate, which was decreased from the two previous years of nearly 19%. Expect his usage number to increase in Orlando, because the Magic will depend on it. Finally, I know Vogel has a nice track record with big men. He made Roy Hibbert relevant, even excel in his system. Ian Mahimi and Myles Turner looked promising in the Pacer system this past season. So what can Vogel do with an athletic 26-year Center who can excel at shot blocking and blocking the lane? I can see Ibaka going in the mid to late 3rd round, but getting a top 15 player in return. I wouldn't be surprised to see him pull his 2013-14 stat line back out, maybe less one board per game.