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  1. So I sent both of you an e-mail. The leaguesafe has 12 paid right now but one team is co-managed and both paid so one is being pulled back so we have 11. Next team to pay is in.
  2. Okay we have 12 paid, but one is a double payment, so we need 1 more manager and the league is set.
  3. 7 paid, 5 to go. That's 7 paid in the last 2 hours. Let me know if you want a link to join. First 12 to pay are in, rest of managers booted.
  4. 13 in league, 12 team league, 6 paid. Let me know if you want an invite. First 12 to pay are in, rest are booted
  5. Have 5 paid up over the past hour, looking to get those last 7 paid. Let me know if you are interested. Again it's a 12 team league.
  6. Everyone should know this is a 12 team league, only 11 in right now. We opened to 20 so I can invite as many as i want and then first 12 to pay are in.
  7. Sent both of you the link along with everyone in this thread. We have 10 members from last year, talked to at least 7-8 who are ready to pay but just waiting. Leaguesafe was just posted so people are beginning to pay. This league has been around for 5 years, we will fill.
  8. The league is 8:30pm EST which google is telling me is 7:30pm EST and this is a ROTO league. Auction, ROTO, top 3 paid. People starting to pay up now. Please post your e-mail or send me a message and I can send an invite.
  9. Sent. Thanks for the great interest everyone. I have no doubt this league will fill before the draft tomorrow night. At this point it's first come and pay will play.
  10. Link sent. With a ton of interest we are setting up leaguesafe link now. People will pay within next 24 hours before we draft tomorrow night.
  11. Sent you both a link. BUMP for rest. Trying to fill and get paid by today/tomorrow morning.
  12. Sent link to both of you. I am going to be sending a lot out today to try and fill by tomorrow night. I think we can do it. Anyone else interested let me know and I can send the link.
  13. We fell behind trying to fill our $150 league. Drafting tomorrow night at 8:30pm. If I can get 3-4 people joining today I think we can make it work. Please let me know.
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