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  1. Welcome to the Double Deuce, a league for “40-year-old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry."It's a 20 team league. 5x5 roto regular season, shift to H2H for the playoffs. 40-man MLB rosters with contracts. Keep 15 of your 40-man roster each offseason. Startup live $280 auction held this March. Live $280 auction each offseason thereafter.55 man minors. Each offseason has both a J2 auction and a Rule 4 draft.The setup lends itself to trades pretty much all year long. The biggest trading windows are prior to the keeper deadline in March and prior to the MLB trade deadline at the end of July.This is a duplicate of "DD1", which wrapped its first season this year. For 2020, the plan will be to have the DD1 and DD2 champs face off in a "World Series" at the end of the 2020 season. No duplicate ownership between DD1 and DD2 allowed.I have Discord server set up for league chat and league business. It's part of a broader Double Deuce fantasy network with 55 users, and leagues for MLB, NFL, NBA, EPL, NCAAFB, and NCAABB. NHL league coming next summer.Let me know if you want in!
  2. looking to join your leagues. got any openings?


  3. Still need 4 owners if anyone out there is interested!

  5. Interested, would like to see rules and stuff.


    Thanks Jesus



    Fantrax ID:  wildtsunami

    1. mrgoyette


      Yeah, which league are you interested in? NBA, NHL, or EPL? (Or all of them? lol)

    2. wildtsunami
  6. I came up with a dynasty EPL league based on the structure I use for baseball and football, but with a BUNCH of EPL specific features like: Promotion/relegation League Cup Youth Academy Transfer Fees Player loans Looking to fill with 20 teams, league to run on Fantrax, scoring based on the Togga Draft game. Let me know if you want to see the rules!
  7. New dynasty startup looking for a few more owners. League structure is based on a football and baseball league that I run. Roto regular season, H2H playoffs, 12 categories. NHL specific contract features include ELCs, offer sheets, up and down guys, real life salary cap, maximum deals. Let me know if you want to see the full rules!
  8. New startup Fantrax dynasty league looking for a couple more owners. $50/team. Roto regular season, H2H playoffs. 3-year carryover payouts. Soft cap w/ luxury tax, Supermax, Bird, MLE, DRose exception, rookie deals, max deals, offseason FA auction. Based on a dynasty baseball and football league I run with NBA specific tweaks.