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  1. Man what a game from him today! The cherry on top would have been a block or two but I shouldn't be complaining about WW gold.
  2. This guy has been gravy for me. Frustrated owner dropped him awhile back before his return and now I'm reaping the benefits. Just need him to stay healthy. Easier said than done with that hamstring.
  3. Anyone still think he gets traded come deadline?
  4. You have Fox on your waiver? What the hell kind of league is this? I was getting ready to drop until Luka got hurt. Definitely not dropping him now!
  5. I'm banking on him picking it up after asb/down the stretch for playoffs. Not sure what Jonas will look like towards the end of the season.
  6. I'm in a 14 and I'm holding, but I'm in a good spot with lots of pf/c so my situation is a little different. In a 18 team league I'd hold too even with Ayton out. OPJ is the worst to me. I've never liked the guy and the year I finally draft him (in a different league) he's injured from the get go. I feel your pain.
  7. Ja Morant with load management into what 9 games of the season? Ya they're going to baby these kids until they're ready to come back.
  8. So there's nothing else out on this guy? As in he's out for a week and will be reevaluated? Out for two weeks?
  9. Thought we were talking about fantasy pine haha With that said I sat him last night (with a full roster) and he played the worst out of my other 6 guys. I hope he turns this funk around soon.
  10. Awesome. Just got hit with 3 injuries yesterday (Bryant one of them) and the other two are big men as well. I knew my season was going too well for something like this not to happen. Got a gut feeling this is going to be more than 3 weeks
  11. Didn't catch the game. Did he just not look like himself or was Melo out there stealing shots from everyone?