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  1. I'd say it depends on how many keepers you're allowed to have and who you already have on your team.
  2. Overnight he was dropped in two of me leagues. I think he's done and the inevitable "end of season surgery" blurb is going to pop up.
  3. He's still performing (rapping) at allstar weekend.....so I can't imagine it's THAT bad otherwise I'm sure he'd stay back in Portland.
  4. I'm not even surprised. This team has been a clown organization for sometime now so this is expected.
  5. Goodness, what the hell is going on in Sacramento...
  6. His last 4 games his minutes were going up. If you're in trouble of not making the playoffs or if there's a hot pick on the waiver then sure drop. Not the case for me and a few others, but come playoffs I think he'll be valuable to have.
  7. I'm still holding for the time being. This setback is definitely a blow but I'm hoping he'll be ok to go after the asb
  8. Ouch. Going to assume he has a stacked team then 😓
  9. First place and picking Wood up off the waiver. That could be the nail in the coffin right there.
  10. I like JJ for sure. As of late Ross has been having some really bad FG%.