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  1. Every one in this thread should band together to create a new league that does it the right way, and drop out of your week 17 leagues.
  2. that and Rivers just isn’t good anymore. 21 TDS and 18ints? Those are back up quality numbers.
  3. So he’s being annoying about it..and the result is to take way his $1000 + prize money because of it? Lol Just move on and plan ahead for this kind of thing next season if it’s bothering your league that much.
  4. Another thing, if you guys are going to make a rule that auto drafting a team makes you ineligible for any prize money then you need to define some rules and boundaries. What happens if someone is disconnected and half their team ends up auto drafted? What if they have to leave and only their last 2 picks are auto drafted? If you want to maintain league Integrity then don’t have any ambiguous or “unwritten” rules.
  5. You can’t wait to see the results then say “no you can’t do that”. He’s right, if his team was automatically disqualified from winning any prize money it should have been made clear to him before the season started.
  6. Alright, alright...I guess I’ll join your league
  7. Boone + Adams + Danielle Hunter (IDP League) to combine for 40 points. Not impossible.
  8. Mack had a great game..could have been so much better if it weren’t for 2 punt return TDS and some truly puzzling play calling.
  9. Wtf is this play calling...are the Colts trying to see what Brissett can do in these last couple games? Abandoning the run makes no sense
  10. 14 point lead against one of the worst rushing defenses and the Colts open up this drive with Brissett going 1/5...
  11. My app says Jonu Smith had a 60 yard run..is that actually true?? Lol
  12. Almost every league includes points scored by and against special teams in the DST scoring. If a Ravens punt returner scored a TD you would expect a TD for your DST. The special teams unit for Baltimore gave up a TD, so it counts as points against. If your league doesn’t count that then that would be out of the norm.
  13. Benched again...wish I had a QB who could play the entire game! Might try to find one of those interchangeable ones on the waiver wire for next week.