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  1. Emailed you about the Gladiator team! be_more21@yahoo.com
  2. Interested in team 1. Can you send an invite so I can have a look around? be_more21@yahoo.com
  3. Interested. Send me an email so I can take a look? be_more21@yahoo.com
  4. Thanks for the offer, man, but I’m looking for a free league. Thanks, though!
  5. I haven’t gotten any emails yet, my friend. Can you double check the email address you sent to? Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
  6. Hi folks! I’m looking for a free keeper league to join. I’d prefer to take over a good team, rather than draft a new one. I’m a very active manager with lots of experience. Please send me an email if you have something available! Thanks! be_more21@yahoo.com
  7. Hi Jim! I sent you an email about that last one, the USA Baseball league. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Thanks!
  8. I’m in a 16-team dynasty that uses QS instead of W. I have an offer on the table to trade my Zack Greinke for Mike Foltynewicz and Brent Rooker. My rotation as is: Cole/Greinke/Corbin/Mikolas/Heaney
  9. So I have a chance to acquire either Robbie Ray or Andrew Heaney in my 16-team H2H Dynasty which counts QS instead of W. Ray: I send a 1st & 2nd round pick I get Ray and a 3rd and 5th Heaney: I send a 4th round pick I get Heaney and a 9th rounder My staff is: Cole/Corbin/Greinke I would have to release Seranthony Dominguez in either case and be left with only Josh Hader as my RP. What should I do?? Who is the most valuable player?