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  1. 2 minutes ago, mevins31 said:

    Tell me how their numbers are different right now.... look at the slash lines. 

    .237 .420



    .224 .302 .530


    In 5x5 do you know what that is? Similar. Like I care that Gallo only hits singles and bombs



    Because Harper is not gonna hit for that low of average the entire year, Gallo will. You are just either trolling or need your head examined.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, mevins31 said:

    Not gonna be popular, but it’s true... he is basically Joey Gallo offensively.


    badically. Yes he can play OF, but he is not close to worth $400M and not really a winning player to own in fantasy baseball, unless you caught the Magic of his MVP YEAR 



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  3. 15 minutes ago, Gandalfthecat said:

    Is it really a complete disaster? Was thinking he might be a buy low target. If he's healthy, he's not that old. Injuries ruined him?


    I bet he will be fine eventually. He's probably gonna cause a vomit inducing stat line but then he will rebound... I think. It's just my opinion and I have no stats to back up what I think.

  4. Looking ahead to next week (because I know he is gonna do good against the Reds). Any thoughts about his matchup against the Braves at home?? Anyone got any numbers about how well or bad the Braves do against lefties?



    I've noticed he's got a reverse Robbie Ray home/away split (Ray pitchers better away from home). Caleb has a 2 ERA at home and 7 ERA on the road, albeit small sample size because it's early in the season.

  5. 27 minutes ago, ToO_BaD said:

    For the first team in my sig.  Was offered Altuve or Didi for my Blackmon.  Would you take it for either of those guys?  He has some pretty solid pitching with Stras, deGrom, Severino, C-Mart, Hendricks, Chase Anderson, and Boyd.  I’d like to get one of them.  Do you see a counter I could make to add one of them?  I need pitching help.  Or would you just take one of the original offers?


    leave a link


    re-draft or keeper? IF it's a re-draft I would just keep chuck nasty. No way I would give blackmon for Didi.


    If it's a keeper I'd trade chuck nasty for altuve.


    So, no way for didi.


    yes to Altuve if its a keeper league,.

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