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  1. 3 minutes ago, brockpapersizer said:


    I mean, you're entitled to feel how ever you want, but it's not like your league is screwing you. MLB canceling a season is unexpected. Assuming they do (and they might still play) there's going to be players on new teams, new closers, everyone is a year older, etc. People didn't draft for next year, they drafted for this one. 


    I am not implying in any way that my league is screwing me. I don't see why we can't just port over the rosters to next year as the MLB will likely just use the same schedule from this year to next year. Like I said, it just really takes away my enthusiasm away that this year might be a wash. 

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  2. 17 minutes ago, GamblorLA said:

    The draft is the most fun part of the season to me, so I'd be pretty bummed if the season was cancelled and we didn't draft again next year in my league.  If you're worried about getting "cheated" out of a good draft, maybe you could make it a keeper league for one year, assuming it's not already, or expand keepers so your favorite picks still count.  


    Alternative: you have 2 leagues with the same guys.  One with the new team one with the old.  I'd probably want to do some sort of bestball or extremely limited moves with the old league.  

    You know what would be cool, and maybe a million dollar idea?  Some sort of online sim league.  I know that sim leagues already exist, but like a really simple version that just spits out box scores for simulated games every day and plugs in the scores for your roster just like a normal platform It's a poor substitute but so is methadone and I need my fix.  

    OR, what about one of the video game companies plays out "official" games you can watch online?  


    However, I still think we'll have games just because society can only shut down for so long before the cure becomes worse than the disease.  


    I am trying to convince my re-draft league to do this, as for me it is deflating to draft this year and just throw it all away if the season is likely cancelled completely. Drafting is the most exciting thing for me as I spend weeks before prepping and mock drafting and for it not to matter at all, just makes me want to take a year long hiatus from fantasy baseball the following year.

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  3. 3 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:


    It's a clear re-draft situation if the situation is canceled. If you guys have keepers, just do it the same way you normally would and have another keeper lock.  I think if you guys have contracts or round escalation for keepers, then you probably pause that for a year.


    It's just a standard re-draft. It makes me not want to do another draft next year if this year is just straight up cancelled.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Rotocious said:


    Yeah I heard some bad information on that.  But it's semantics and doesn't change what I said in my post.  There are still many other versions:  SARS, MERS, Ebola and those are just the big ones contagious to humans there are even more that are found in other animals but don't infect humans.


    Coronaviruses do not transmit as effectively in warmer weather.  Again this isn't me saying that warm weather will knock it out.  But warm weather will certainly help more so than cold weather.


    Generally speaking Viruses don't do as well in warm weather and in the sun, but we don't know for sure quite yet. The virus is in Australia and that is a warmer climate.


    I am seriously bummed out we don't have baseball on the horizon anytime soon... #lockdownforbaseball

  5. Has anyone in fantasy leagues that have already drafted discussed what to do IF this season is cancelled?

    I have thought about proposing to my league just importing the rosters we drafted for next season and forgo another draft so that we are not cheated out of the teams we drafted this year.

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  6. Just now, Sidearmer said:


    That's very selfish to be quite honest. You can get exposed, not show symptoms, then go to the grocery store and infect people there. You can be super careful but you still need to go to the grocery store.


    The groceries stores are swamped where I am at. I bought enough food for a month knowing we all likely will be quarantined for 2-4 weeks, if not more.

  7. 2 minutes ago, shakestreet said:

    There is no solution. Are we suppose to keep these players in a bubble? Going shopping eating food etc..


    It's not like they wouldn't get all their basic needs met, and it's a temporary fix, eventually things will go back to normal.


    Mlb is already floating the idea of them playing regular season games at their spring training complexes, this isn't just some idea I pulled out of my butt or seems unreasonable.


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  8. 30 minutes ago, kidtwentytwo said:

    These all-timers don't forget how to hit, they just need to stay healthy.  Everyone thought Chipper was cooked but he comes back after 2007 and posts three all-star seasons.  Miggy is done being an MVP candidate, but he could be serviceable.  


    Sometimes people like to easily write off some old players, but I can remember a few that had good seasons after looking toast. Carlos Delgado is one that comes to mind when he hit 38 homers at age 36/37 I believe and Victor Martinez had a power surge with 32 homers at age 35 and 27 homers at age 37. 

    I'm not saying Miggy is gonna have a resurgent season, but maybe someone to be keeping an eye on in case he does start off hot. 

  9. Don't call it a come back...

    Something, something, best shape of my life... something, something....

    But seriously, he came to camp noticeably slimmer, almost looks to be the same size as when he first came up as a rookie. Blasted two far long homers in spring training.

    Any value to be had here? He can still hit, just the power disappeared for him last year.

    Maybe a healthier Cabrera, we are talking .290 with 20-24 homers this year, or just a pipe dream?

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  10. 41 minutes ago, quietj said:

    I'm a fan of Ramirez but he in no way shape or form should be ranked above Arenado on any draft board. I'm just sorry.


    I have to agree. I have a share of Ramirez in one of my leagues, but would take Arenado over him. Nolan has just been a model of consistency for 7 years and is kind of overlooked lately. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Backdoor Slider said:

    If you read through the thread, this has all been done (by myself even, among others). This virus isn’t inherently more deadly, but it’s the incubation period (5-14 days) makes it spread much quicker, as people don’t know they have it. 
    But at this point, it is affecting our lives and, for these purposes, our sports. Games are already being canceled. This is likely to affect baseball. They’ll likely be making decisions to play in empty stadiums or postpone games soon. 


    I hope they just play the games in empty stadiums. Not to be a fearmonger, but parts of the USA will likely be on lockdown for weeks at a time in the coming months. There are so many games to be played, and since a lot of us are gonna be stuck in our houses for long periods of time, it would be nice to watch some games on TV

  12. I am not so good at starting these threads, but really wanted to see what people feel about him this year.

    He had a Career year last year, and some people are saying it was because of the juiced ball. He did however make some changes to his swing to get more loft and started to pull the ball more.


    I think people are sleeping on him for this year after Muncy, Bell and olson are off the board.



  13. Hit for a higher average last year by beating the shift and going the opposite way and had a career high in obp. A lot of the fantasy rankings have in at a discount going nearly to the 14th round in 10 team redrafts, which would make him a big bargain in obp leagues.

    Thoughts on him?

  14. 3 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:

    Have a #1 pick in a redraft this year, finding it really hard to pass on Trout jut because Acuna's ADP is higher.  Still feel like Trout can have the most ridiculous year at any point and in 10 years from now you're looking back and thinking, why was Trout not #1? like so many years looking back on Bonds. Acuna and Yeliich are great and steals are pretty important, but like my counter argument is... Mike Trout.


    I have the first pick too in a redraft and I didn't even hesitate to take Trout. Last year's injury was just bad luck, had surgery and it is all fixed now. I think some guys like Acuna because of the stolen base potential, but a fully healthy season from Trout with the rubber ball that Mlb is using, we are looking at a 50 homer season and better avg. and obp than Acuna's

  15. I have the first pick in the draft (taking trout), when I make 2nd pick I'll be taking the last pick in the second round and first pick of the 3rd round, so I get to make two consecutive picks.

    These are the likely players to drop to me based on mock drafts and rankings in yahoo! that I prefer:



    JD Martinez

    Yordan Alvarez

    Jose Altuve

    Bryce Harper


    How would you rank these players?