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  1. 5 hours ago, CrypTviLL said:

    I realllllly want to buy into D. Murphy, but at $18 in Y! auctions, it's quite hard to... considering he is 34 and came off a very injury-riddled year. 


    It wasnt an injury riddled year, he was slow to come back from a serious knee operation in the off season and didnt make a trip to the DL after he was finally activated

  2. I have the sixth pick in a re-draft. head to head league and the stats on offense are runs, hr, rbi, sb, total bases, avg and obp.

    I'm going into the draft assuming that jose ramirez and jd martinez are gonna be gone before I get a chance

    so the following players will be left that I am interested in drafting:






    Which one would you take first pick? I purposely left out yelich because I feel his season last year was kind of an outlier. Harper and Machado because I've already owned them multiple years and want to do something different.

    which guy that I listed above would you take first pick? I kind of like judge because he can get a .400 obp and hit 40+ homers.

  3. Basically had three miracles in a row to get to the championship and win.


    first round I was down and just need to win one more category to move on... Reds are in a Rain delay and my only hope is if Votto gets one more AB and gets an out, he eventually does and the count goes 3-2 and he flies out and I win.


    Secound round I am down 6-7 and I need a homer and three rbi to win, and Khris Davis gives me a Grand Slam on the first pitch in his last AB.


    Championship round I am tied in homers and then Machado gives me the matchup winning lead. (btw beat the guy that beat me last year in the finals).




  4. 1 hour ago, meh2 said:

    This guy is my biggest/toughest decision this week. I have him in 3-4 weekly roto leagues and have to decide if I’m going to start or sit him. He’s scheduled @ Texas and @ Toronto. I could really use the k’s and potential W’s, but I really don’t trust him and can’t afford an ERA/WHIP massacre. Anyone else facing this dilemma and have any thoughts on those matchups?


    To make this decision a little easier, consider that he plays better at home than away and both of his starts are on the road this week. I almost started himself in my championship matchup, but took him out after seeing his drastic home/away splits so far this season.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Under500Forever said:

    The Mets had one game of a DH postponed on Wednesday. The MLB app still has him starting on Sunday. Has anyone heard any different? 

    I can’t lose a second start from JDG

     Even if they didnt get a dh in today or yesterday, jacob is last pitcher they will delay his starts. They want to get as many starts in to make his cy young case before the end of the season.

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  6. 22 hours ago, Picard56 said:

    Lost in the first round of the playoffs on the last AB against my opponent when Albies got a single.  :(


    Take it back, the padres and reds resumed play. The guy I was facing had Votto and he had one more AB when play resumed was an out and I barely won with my obp being .38679245 and my opponents obp was 38655462