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  1. Degrom scratched today due to weather.
  2. So when is he pitching again? There are conflicting reports about whether he'll be a two-starter this week or next week. Yahoo! and Espn pitching forecaster listed as starting again 9/10, while mlb.com has him starting this weekend against pittsburgh.
  3. I thought yahoo did away with two week championship weeks
  4. Seems like they only traded for him with the hope that he would be healthy in time for the playoffs. Those recent videos of him running in rehab games looked like he was still gimpy. Might have much value during the regular season for fantasy purposes.
  5. I would suggest dropping him. I already have Daniel Murphy and Gleybar Torres, Dozier has been complete garbage and shows no signs of turning it around soon.
  6. Is he going to post another video on Instagram about how he is preparing to prepare?
  7. Welcome back Lourdes, So glad you could make it.....
  8. The angels aren't even in contention this year and he's been injure, so he's not going to win the MVP this year. I'm not punishing Betts and Ramirez, because I know it's unlikely that davis gets the MVP, but I am making the argument that he could be considered the MVP. I actually would give Just Dongs Martinez the MVP because he is putting up huge numbers and elivated Boston to new heights this year.
  9. WAR is not everything. My point is that he is making a legit case for MVP. He is on pace for roughly 49 homers and already has over 100 rbi. Take his bat out of that lineup, and would the A's still be in the pennant chase? I would guess not.
  10. He is making a legit case for AL MVP, especially since he is leading the surprise team of the season.
  11. 101 pitches after 6 innings, safe to say his day is done. 11 k, a QS and in line for the win. As Ice Cube would say, today was a good day.
  12. fair point, he was already sitting at least once a week in WSH, and still very productive. I like his chances to put up some good numbers in a better lineup and better ballpark. even if he only goes 4-5 times a week.
  13. so I don't understand, he is being overly optimistic about his playing time and here you say that he will play most of the time. I'm not really following you.
  14. Why? They wouldn't of traded for him just to sit on the bench. They needed an upgrade from Russell and Baez can just slide over to SS. Murphy is perfect to get this offense moving again.
  15. If he can't play 2nd base very well, he would be even worse at the hot corner. He will likely get the bulk of his starts at 2nd base. I bet he sits at least once or twice a week, but I am willing to put they plug him 4th in the lineup more than not because they want to score more runs.
  16. Yes unfortunately, as if other sports matter . Baseball is life, and life is baseball. everything else is just worthless.
  17. Take it with a grain of salt because its a rumor from the twittersphere, but people are saying it might be the cubs that claimed him and I don't know if that would be a good fit since they have so many positional players as it is.
  18. 2 for 6 and homer yesterday. Anyone think he gets activated this week? I'm asking because there is no mention anywhere on twitter or google about his return date to the majors.
  19. You gotta imagine that the nats are gonna consider selling off harper and murphy soon right???
  20. One of those starts where you gotta pretend it never happened based on the opponent.
  21. Just based on him missing the last month and a half of the season last year dinged his rankings, because if he finished the year last year healthy he was gonna surpass his 2015 mvp season.
  22. Depending on your platform, they rank players strictly base on overall stats from the previous year, he likely be ranked late round 1 again, even though he could likely preform slightly under mike trout.