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  1. Started a rehab assignment today, looks like we will have him for the playoffs for sure.
  2. He might be able to, the rain is supposed to subside within the hour, unless someone in Philly can give us an update.
  3. A pitcher doesn't have much control as to whether his team scores runs or not, but with ERA is more valuable in terms of how much the pitcher is giving up to other teams. You can dig deeper and use stats like FIP and xFip to really see how effective a starter is. The idea that team defense will make all pitchers better is a flawed argument. Tyler Chatwood leaves Coors field and then proceeds to walk everyone in the park and does not do that well with one of the best infield defenses in the league with the Cubs.
  4. Saw an update that they are hoping he begins running this week. Giddy up for him likely being back for fantasy playoffs.
  5. HOLY Crap, what an ending to that game. HEY CHICAGO WHATTA SAY?!?
  6. It's better news than him being in a boot and doing nothing. I am being optimistic that we'll likely see him in a week or two. PLEASE!
  7. LET THIS MAN PLAY EVERYDAY! He is absolutely crushing the ball lately.
  8. You and me both, at least let him get to 75 pitches. He was throwing a perfect game!!!
  9. I am gonna guess not and say it's just the rays being the rays
  10. The Nationals are third in their division and might not even make the playoffs.
  11. Don't really get why a lot of people in the Media sees Scherzer as the front runner for the NL Cy Young. Wins are not really indicative how well a season a pitcher is having and DeGrom has a sub 2 ERA at the moment. DeGrom is doing his job, it's just his team is really crapping the bed every time he goes out on the mound and provides no run support.
  12. Zunino, you magnificient Bas****, you finally are having yourself a good week, only took weeks of complete nothingness to get to this point. Could be the start of one his patented hot months.
  13. Stomach bug, so he should be having diarrhea for the foreseeable future.
  14. I Could be mistaken but i remember roberts saying in the beginning of the year that if walker is pitching in the majors he will be exclusively used as a starter. Dude is gonna be their future after kerahaw, why waste his talent in the bp.
  15. I'm surprised he is still owned in any league, he should of been abandoned a long time ago.
  16. Has some good matchups again this coming week, so I don't see him slowing down at all.
  17. Should I drop Josh Donaldson for Ian Desmond?
  18. I remember various media people were creating the narrative that The Yankees had to make a deal for sonny gray for some reason. Dude hasn’t been good since 2015, and why would cashman make the trade for a pitcher that wouldn’t be a game changer.
  19. My thoughts exactly. At this rate he'll be rehabbing in August by walking with senior citizens at the mall. What a dope.
  20. Cespedes must have sneezed on him and now he has a hip strain.
  21. His last name makes me think of this:
  22. You could just drop him and forget about coming here to complain about him. For millionth time, we get it! You dont like him. Doesnt mean we have to agree with you. Adios