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  1. 2 hours ago, dannyusf said:

    Supposedly he will address media after the game? That got me concerned. Hope this isn’t a season ending thing 


    Wow, where did you hear this?


    Is he going to announce that he is going to be transitioning to a woman and his name will be jessie donaldson?

  2. 22 minutes ago, herschel said:

    im hanging on in redraft (for now).  its obviously a gamble, but say hes hopefully back by the all star game (out 6 weeks), his skill set is still not something you can find on waivers.  until we know more, im not letting someone else stash him....


    I would re-think that idea, he's likely done for the year. Syndergaard didn't pitch again after suffering his injury. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Members_Only_76 said:

    Yeah, not what we were hoping for.




    1st MLB start this year, nerves, etc.?


    Maybe not trusting his stuff like he was in the rehab games, but also maybe just shows the level of play going from minors to MLB.


    started throwing 92-93 for a while. was he tired? 


    hoping for better going forward, I passed on trade offers and hope I don't regret.


    Gotta be that it's his first game back after more than a year. He does not play in a vaccum and he had to be a mixture of excited and nervous.

  4. 12 minutes ago, EmbargoLifted said:

    Thoughts on how DeGrom ranks rest of season among SPs in baseball? 


    I'd imagine he would be in most people's top 10 at this point...but where do you put him?















    It seems like he’s usually sits either 7 or 8th in most lists that i’ve seen in various websites. This year he’a taken it up a notch and can argue he’s maybe top five the way he is pitching this year. So far its been a two man race for nl cy young between degrom and scherzer. Ron darling predicted before the season started that degrom would win the cy young.

  5. 21 minutes ago, maddog3333 said:

    Do you think Flaherty has proven himself enough to remain? I think you're right on Freeland, and I would definitely be shocked if they bumped Wacha. Thanks so much for your input.


    Yeah, after writing I gave it a second thought and Matheny generally prefers the 'vet' over the young guys, so Flaherty might lose his spot. But then again it might be Weaver and then Wacha and Flaherty stay in the rotation. But just to be safe, drop freeland, you aren't gonna miss him much.

  6. 1 hour ago, PPolanco said:

    One of the biggest busts so far? Ugh we overpaid hard for him


    I wouldn't write him off quite yet, but there are some signs that he is on the decline. Last year he wasn't that good in the first half and then really took off in the second half. He's had a fairly good week this week, hitting a few doubles. It's not a whole lot, but its signs of life.