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  1. Its a christmas miracle, andujar is finally hitting ahead of that bum bird.
  2. Thank you Magnifico, may we have another?!
  3. Who would you rather have between Anjudar and Muncy.
  4. Andujar is unjustifiably in a position he'd rather not be in! He'll find himself hitting moved up sooner rather than later. The cream always rises to the top YEAH!
  5. Anyone in weekly leagues taking a shot and starting him the coming week?
  6. Most likely, but that still only leaves 2 spots for 3 guys. If Braun was injured things would be a little more clearer as to playing time.
  7. Thames is officially coming back tomorrow. Anyone a little concerned that he gets benched half the games this week? They really have a log-jam of players between Thames, Santana, Braun and Aguilar between 1st base and 1 OF spot.
  8. They wouldn't bat him 3rd in the lineup if they didn't value his bat. It's only the defense, or lack thereof.
  9. Not really, it's his defense that is terrible. They feel like his defense can cost them games in the latter innings.
  10. Mr. magnifico, i come crawling back with head lowered in shame. Please forgive me???
  11. Why not just post comments in the threads of guys you like??
  12. It was announced that he's not ready yet. He has to be the biggest headache this year. Sometimes I think about just dropping him but worried that someone picks him up and enjoys a hot streak in the second half.
  13. Sure. He didnt miss much time and will finish right around 40 homera or more, 100 rbi and his usual .247 average.
  14. I have to say, it seems like he performs better in odd years over even years. 2015 was his career year, then in 2016 he got off to a blazing start in April and then Madden walked in every AB and the rest of the season he seemed to just slump. Last year he was probably on his way to an even better season than 2015 and only an injury derailed his season. And This season he's been very dissapointing with his batting average but is still on pace for 40 homers and 100 rbi.
  15. semi-everyday was from the writer, not counsel.
  16. Craig Counsell told reporters that Thames will see time in the outfield as well as time at first base when he returns - rotoworld blurb. Looks like Aguilar is gonna sit more... Dang
  17. I am not saying burn a waiver on him. but if you look at last year, his start to the year was somewhat similar to this year, a couple of DL stints. From June on he was very good and really only had two bad starts.
  18. Those who are in leagues where he is just sitting on the wire, are letting a free sp2/sp3 be in danger of being picked up by another savvy owner for the second half of the season.
  19. I hope some of you finally came to your senses and dropped this flaming pile of dog poop.
  20. I've been saying it for a while, he just isn't good and the proof is in the pudding since the second half of last year.
  21. If he gained 1st base eligibility I would be sooooo happy.