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  1. Will be the #1 pitcher in fantasy next year. Draft as such, and thank me later.
  2. Just announced...he's getting surgery. So he's done for sure.
  3. Here's an idea...don't play in leagues with Can't Cut lists. Incredibly idiotic rule.
  4. I think he's done. No reason at all for him to return.
  5. Ugh...he may have just done his hammy. EDIT: Out of the game now.
  6. What?? That doesn't even make any sense.
  7. Dude...he plays a sport. At the very top level. Injuries happen. Especially to guys that go all out like he does.
  8. Not a valid argument because vlad was still using a roster spot.
  9. Guess who’s out again. Here we go. 😕
  10. Means absolutely zero. A player could get both legs snapped in half during a game and still would say he hoped to be back in there in a few days. Why do people even take note when players say these kinds of things??
  11. I find it absolutely hilarious that people still treat CM like it's some sort of gospel. "CM says this" and "CM says that". Lolz. At one point, several years ago, it was the best closer resource on the web. Not anymore...not even close.
  12. Remember when this guy was good? Yeah, me neither.
  13. He was probably trying too hard for that third bomb.