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  1. STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION. Immune systems are stronger in warmer weather?? Could you provide me a link to a *significant* scientific paper that makes that conclusion? No? OK...I'll tell you how it actually works. Infectious diseases spread more readily in cold weather primarily because we spend more time indoors with the windows closed, in dry, artificially heated environments, often with other people. Also, are you referring to the UV light from the sun? There is not nearly enough UV light from the sun to affect a virus, and even if there were, the number of sunny days in the spring/summer as opposed to the fall/winter is not all that different. rains and is cloudy on plenty of days in the spring/summer. But that's an aside...the fact of the matter is UV from the sun is not strong enough to significantly affect a virus. This is my last post to you as you are simply looking to argue using your own opinion-based "logic". I am basing my opinions on expert opinion as well as my own experience in science. You, on the other hand, are basing your opinion on things you've seen on Facebook and Politifact, lol.
  2. So you are saying the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is wrong?? Fauci himself has said EXACTLY what I have said regarding the potential seasonality of this particular virus. He is THE expert in this area. Please stop contradicting the experts. This is half the reason we are in the position we are in. Loads of misinformation and half-baked opinion-based BS. PS - As I said, I AM a scientist...a biologist in fact, with experience working at a Dept of Health. Please don't try to tell me how science works, LOFL. Science is *NOT* about projections. Science *IS* about generating actual data, and analyzing that data and making conclusions BASED ON DATA. Not opinions.
  3. I'm a biologist who worked at the NYS Dept of Health for nearly 10 years. I see a LOT of misinformation in this thread. So much so, that I'm not even going to bother to go through it all and point it all out. But I will say this...cases are going up for TWO reasons. 1) Increased testing. 2) Increased spread. Contagious diseases reach a point of exponential spread eventually. And we are not even there yet. But rate of infection speeds up over time until exponential spread, at which point cases spike dramatically. Only after the spike of exponential spread will the rate of transmission begin to slow. That is, unless you can effectively "flatten the curve". But I feel the US government has acted too slowly (and continues to act too slowly) to effectively do that. Mortality rates are much higher in places like Italy for ONE reason. The healthcare system cannot deal with the number of cases they are seeing. So patients are not getting the care they should be getting. Painful choices are being made about who to give treatment to and who not to give it to. These are awful choices for someone who has dedicated their life to saving others. Hence the increased mortality rate in these places. This is a new virus. There is NO evidence that warm weather is going to slow this down. There are plenty of "warm" places RIGHT NOW that are seeing the spread of this disease. It MAY slow down in warmer weather. But it also might not. We just don't know. Not to try to scare anyone...but Italy is the US in 30-45 days UNLESS total and complete draconian lockdown of ALL people is enacted IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, many many people are going to die.
  4. Will be the #1 pitcher in fantasy next year. Draft as such, and thank me later.
  5. Just announced...he's getting surgery. So he's done for sure.
  6. Here's an idea...don't play in leagues with Can't Cut lists. Incredibly idiotic rule.
  7. I think he's done. No reason at all for him to return.
  8. Ugh...he may have just done his hammy. EDIT: Out of the game now.
  9. What?? That doesn't even make any sense.
  10. Dude...he plays a sport. At the very top level. Injuries happen. Especially to guys that go all out like he does.
  11. Not a valid argument because vlad was still using a roster spot.
  12. Guess who’s out again. Here we go. 😕