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  1. 0.5 PPR who do you take ROS? Keenan Allen - OAK, KC, BYE, DEN, JAX, MIN, OAK, KC or Emmanuel Sanders - SEA, ARI, GB, BL, NO, ATL, LAR, SEA
  2. Week 13 vs NYG Week 14 vs Redskins Week 15 vs Cowboys That is all I care about.
  3. I would take Ingram and Devante Adams without a question - I expect Adams back this week.
  4. I think you win the trade in value but lose because you go from Engram to Herndon. I would pass unless you get a TE back.
  5. I was able to negotiate the choice of Lockett or Godwin in the offer. Zeke + Sanu for Chubb + Lockett/Godwin
  6. I would rush to accept this. We have seen Odell over 8 weeks and it is not good. I expect Devante back this week.
  7. Based on my roster below, should I trade Zeke + Sanu for Chubb + Lockett? QB - Carson Wentz QB - Drew Brees RB - Ezekiel Elliott RB - Le'Veon Bell WR - Michael Thomas WR - Keenan Allen WR - Hollywood Brown TE - Travis Kelce Flex - Marlon Mack DST - NE Patriots BN - Melvin Gordon BN - Kenny Stills BN - Mohamed Sanu BN - Jimmy Garappolo
  8. What trio do you take ROS? Zeke, Jimmy G and Mohamed Sanu or Josh Jacobs, Baker Mayfield and Robert Woods Leave a Link!
  9. FYI...Week 5 snap count (65 total snaps) John Brown 53 = 82% Duke Williams 51 = 78% Cole Beasley 42 = 65% Andre Roberts 13 = 18% Isaiah McKenzie 8 = 12% Zay Jones 1 = 2% Add him and see what happens. First game and he already out snapped Beasley and was only 2 snaps behind John Brown. Williams has the height at 6’ 3” that the other key targets don’t have. The Bills receivers have jokingly been referred to as the Smurfs. The primary receiver is John Brown and he’s only 5’ 11”. The secondary receiver is Cole Beasley and he’s even shorter at 5’ 8”.
  10. Anyone else. I am leaning on taking the deal.
  11. I stick with Juju and Freeman. Hockeson may be out for beyond the bye week with the concussion. Gallman is only serviceable until Barkley is back...Given the freak nature of Barkley he may return sooner rather than later.
  12. 2 QB league... Currently have Carson Wentz (Bye 10), Jimmy Garoppolo (Bye 4) and Jacoby Brissett (Bye 6). Should I trade Jacoby for Brees? I feel like this is a no brainer, but with Jacoby playing so well it is making me second guess. We can only roster 3 QB, so if I have an injury to Wentz/Jimmy G I would have some roster issues. QB - Carson Wentz QB - Jacoby Brissett RB - Ezekiel Elliott RB - Le'Veon Bell Flex - David Johnson WR - Keenan Allen WR - Michael Thomas WR - Josh Gordon TE - Travis Kelce BN - Melvin Gordon BN - Rashaad Penny BN - DK Metcalf BN - Jimmy Garoppolo LEAVE A LINK!
  13. "I've got to do a better job of getting Josh the ball" - OC Josh McDaniels on Josh Gordon Music to my ears!