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  1. He’s looked horrible in preseason is my point hasn’t looked good in preseason or regular season , hasn’t even had back to back great games .... this isnt like lord covington getting traded and playing great on a new team .... Porter is not a top 50 idc what you say
  2. Dude news flash Porter ain’t putting up top 50 value this year, this is beyond a slump we’re a month and a half in at this point.....it’s more mental than physical now , you best stop cracking me up .... eaten alive in your league hahaha i had the option for in my money league to trade my Ayton and Porter or ayton or SGA for his Oladipo and joe Harris I kept SGA over this bum Porter all day long
  3. This dude acting like he playing street ball , and I’m a N.Y. knicks fan, No wonder why he didn’t want to play that prep school college ball, he need to learn how to play some organized ball ..... this isn’t And1 streetball out in here
  4. Just proves Curry is the best player in the league, he’s unguardable, Durant been riding the coattails of russ Westbrook , and curry and acts like he a top 5...... he’s good but curry makes his job much more easier
  5. This dudes the Jonathan Issac we all dreamed about on roids...... scary
  6. Just got ayton and Porter for Dipo and joe Harris in a 9 cat league 12 team we ... how did I do boys?
  7. Yeah it’s 12 team 9 Cat league , I need boards and I was hoping OPJ can turn it around
  8. Just accepted trade got ayton and Porter for Dipo and joe Harris, think I did pretty nice but would like your guys thoughts ? please and thank you ?
  9. Anyone plz really would appreciate the feedback or constructive criticism
  10. I traded my Oladipo and Joe Harris for his Ayton and Porter? 9 Cats 12 team
  11. Who would you rather have in a trade? 9 cat
  12. Should I accept my Sabonis for his Porter 9 CAT 12 team