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  1. By my experience on Yahoo for Fantasy Baseball, your chosen waiver dates mean the waivers will process on Tuesday morning (AKA 3AM Eastern Time overnight between Mon/Tue) and Saturday morning (3AM eastern overnight b/w Fri/Sat).
  2. Yeah, for the most part he was commanding well and hitting the catcher's glove exactly where it was set up. Plus was throwing 94-97 from the left side. I need to see more first before dropping even in the shortened season. White Sox are on fire right now.
  3. Christian Walker just hit a 420 foot double. Ridiculous how high the D-Backs' "fence" is in center.
  4. PLUS Taylor Rogers blew his win. Should've been a 2 ER outing with a W. Still happy with the performance, he settled down so nicely after the 3 run bomb, retired 8 in a row after that and obviously gave up zero more runs. Cruising.
  5. Really need to stop spending any sort of draft capital on catchers. Burns me every single year no matter what.
  6. He looked pretty damn good out there. Tons of movement on his secondaries and he can paint that 2 seamer. Retired his final 10 batters. 9K's and a QS against a loaded MIN lineup. Sign me UP!
  7. Looked like it actually hit him in the meat of his forearm. Knowing he's had a bunch of hand injuries in the past I'd assume he should be fine after this one.
  8. Tested negative apparently. Could return tomorrow per RW.
  9. Wish I would've seen this article before drafting: Maybe his slicing issue from '18 and '19 is related to the shoulder injury? His swing looked much better in '17 as shown in that article.
  10. It's the exact same photo. They just jersey-swapped it.
  11. Absolutely hate not having Lord Covington on my team this year.
  12. Could be due to overtime? FWIW Ish played 25 tonight.
  13. Man, this is truly one of the weirdest developments I've seen in fantasy sports. Never seen a somewhat lateral trade just destroy an elite player like this (fantasy wise). Fingers crossed he can somehow turn it around. C'mon man.
  14. He was quoting him. But did it in a weird way.