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  1. It's the exact same photo. They just jersey-swapped it.
  2. Absolutely hate not having Lord Covington on my team this year.
  3. Could be due to overtime? FWIW Ish played 25 tonight.
  4. Man, this is truly one of the weirdest developments I've seen in fantasy sports. Never seen a somewhat lateral trade just destroy an elite player like this (fantasy wise). Fingers crossed he can somehow turn it around. C'mon man.
  5. He was quoting him. But did it in a weird way.
  6. Pretty sure this guy is better than Ish Smith.
  7. Deadline isn’t til tomorrow dude. Plenty more action left. Although it won’t come close to past year’s deadline.
  8. This is correct. They had very similar injuries. Nurk is about 50 lbs heavier (he was much trimmer last year ~275, maybe lighter), so that's working against him, but I think this kind of clean break should be easier to come back from than ligament damage. PG was indeed terrible in the limited games he returned, but Nurkic should have a bit more time to get back to form since his injury occured (3/25/19) about 4 months earlier with respect to the next season than George (8/1/14). And PG was totally fine the next season, he was back to being a total beast.
  9. We need him to keep going off as hard as possible that they have no choice but to give him closer to 30 mpg even with Millsap back. C'mon Jerami!
  10. Just regurgitating what I'm seeing from the industry peeps on Twitter.
  11. Too afraid of the logjam at F/C when Denver is fully healthy I guess. Considering all the injuries though and with the trade deadline coming up he’s must own until Denver gets all their bodies back (if they ever do). There are twitter rumors about him being a very attractive trade target... if he went to like, Phoenix for instance, he’d be a fantasy stud.
  12. Yeah he's been so consistent all season. Originally only drafted him as CP3 insurance, did not think he'd have this much standalone value (or that CP3 wouldn't miss a game). Rooting for him hard.
  13. Thank GOD for that RW blurb that called him an outright drop like 5 games into the season. And thank god I had the #1 waiver position.
  14. I knew the re-signing of Chriss was gonna hurt him. A 3 man logjam is a huge difference compared to a 2 man logjam... especially at PF/C.
  15. Yeah I mean I'm not confident about it. But I want to see how it shakes out first. And this is coming from a deep league perspective (216 players rostered including IL spots), in smaller leagues I definitely don't blame anyone for dropping.