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  1. My opponent has 11 hits 3 HR in 7 RBI in his last 11 at bats
  2. What concerns me is his rising K rate. He’s been spectacular. I’m keeping him in a keep 6 but I’m a little concerned this is an extreme career year ala Marcell Ozuna. Still, no complaints. He kept my team afloat in May and June. But yeah, there are a few things to keep an eye on going forward.
  3. I'm going to be very cautious with him and don't expect much. Seems to have run out of gas. He hadn't put up more than 100 innings since 2015. He's at 140, had 48 innings total last year. Too drastic. Will look for him as a mid round guy in next years draft. Solid pitcher with a lot of talent.
  4. Screw starting, is this guy even rosterable in a redraft at this point?! (Hope this post is getting ratioed by the end of the night because he went off...)
  5. What an utter failure this season. What round will you consider him next year?
  6. Well, if he’s not collapsing in the fantasy playoff run he’s hurt. 3rd year in a row he’s of no help in the most important stretch of the season. Ugh.
  7. Big assumption? You must think OJ is innocent. You can't be serious.
  8. It actually an assault. Do that on the street and you are getting locked up. But hey, sports...
  9. He will come around. Until then he is firmly on my bench also. Doesn’t look good at the plate. His only hit was on a accidental swing. I’m not counting on him anymore. Feels good
  10. Yeah, reactionary posts. See, mom is dying in hospice so I’m a little on edge. I know this is super important stuff so I hope I didn’t offend you.
  11. Sale not getting the QS just ended my season. You got to be Fn kidding me
  12. Take the deal. Hoskins for Correa is a good deal in a keeper, Markakis and Hoskins for Correa is a heist. Correa is insanely overrated
  13. I have more HR on my bench this week than I do in the lineup and I’m down by 1 Hr and 4 RBI. Playoff run, great time for me to completely s--- the bed as a manager
  14. I agree, not high expectations for this utter disappointment. But im going to give him a few days. When he falls on his face I’ll just slide Baez back to short and Zobrist to 2nd. Everyone should have a backup plan with this guy.
  15. Until his next start? Ha! In all seriousness he was fantastic tonight.