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  1. Thanks for the reply What does mt mean?
  2. I'm with the others. Cano is a good player that's had a rough start. Worst case - he's still slumping 3 weeks from now and you cut bait. Best case - he hits .300-.350 for the next 3 weeks and normalizes his ratios. Then you either keep him or shop him around.
  3. I agree with others you have to put a bid on him. You know your league better than we do so the percentage is up to you. You won't find 4-5 hole hitters in one the better lineups on the waivers often.
  4. If you are dead set on only a RP then I don't think Neris would be a bad add. Robertson has been brutal and just went to the IL. That leaves Neris and ser Anthony left for saves/holds. That being said you never know how kapler will use his bullpen.
  5. I'd go with Bell. I think the counting stats will favor Bell on the year as he's hitting out of the 4 hole compared to Franco's 8.
  6. 12 team 6*6 OPS league. I give Khris Davis I receive Starling Marte and Justin Turner. Current 3rd basemen is Moose but would move to 2nd if traded.
  7. Signed up for a 6x6 h2h categories league. The categories are R, RBI, SB, OPS, AVG, HR W, K, WHIP, SAVES, ERA, HOLDS Couple questions as I'm kinda new to this. Where do I find cheat sheets/rankings that also includes ops and holds as categories? In this league would it be smarter to go RP heavy as they would contribute well in 4 of 6 categories? Thanks
  8. There are about 12-15 quality qbs this year. They will score more than normal but l I would tend to load up on Skills positions while people reach for rodgers, watson, brady. Make a list of Qbs you are comfortable starting and during the draft wait till the value presents itself. Draft a pocket passing qb as they will outscore more of the running qbs. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/714562-keeper-help/
  9. 10 team ppr who do i keep Zach Ertz in the 7th Josh Gordon in the 16th
  10. This. Gronk is a guy who could be a League winner or Fantasy MVP. Wouldn't surprise me if he had 350 yards and 4 tds during edlemans suspension.
  11. I agree with most don't go in with a set plan. I could be in the minority since his name hasn't been brought up but Gronk and AJ green have adps of 21 and 22 and would be ideal start if i got gurney or bell at pick 1.