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  1. Anyone rocking Elieser out there? Go Eliezer.. Chirinos Ryu
  2. Anyone paying attention to Longoria these days?
  3. Go Gallen.. and after this rain out..go Minor again
  4. now I'm confused.. I started Hiura over Biggio.. and I'm regretting it already
  5. Houston's next experiment for the 5th slot in their rotation..apparently.. after the demotions of Valdez... and Martin. 104/15 kb ratio. 3.40 era. might be worth a gamble if he sticks not available in espn yet
  6. I’m reading it’s restarting at 5:25 cdt
  7. overkill city.. added eleizer and already had yamamato and gallen
  8. Really don’t like the Yanks being off for 2 days in a row
  9. Go Chirinos and Ryu.. Rockies might be a problem again..
  10. feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode screaming "Newman!!! as a Peacock owner
  11. yeah it's Peacock time... and hopefully he gets a W. setting my expectations low
  12. cy young contender Mike Minor.. taking care of business
  13. And the lock of the day is ... Minor dominating the Tigers.. and go Gallen... outduel Corbin... i know you’re up for it
  14. I’m reading the Eric Fedde rotoworld blurb.. that’s where I got it from
  15. Could be a hot pickup now that he seems to have secured a rotation spot.
  16. Finally a day where all my yanks are in the lineup at the same time.. Edwin Glebber Judge Sanchez
  17. Sogard lining himself up for a monster week..