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  1. I won even though I started him so this isn't just me complaining about him. He simply did not look good. When there was a hole he ran into a defender that was being blocked. Then when there was nothing he tried to force it. Good reminder that a 3rd string running back is probably a 3rd string running back for a reason. Hopefully we all learned our lesson getting cute in the finals. was hyping this guy up all week. At one point on the weekly Audible podcast the two hosts started to attack other fantasy analysts and they said that this is why you have to listen to Footballguys because they know about people like Mike Boone and they know for a fact he's a league winner because they watch the preseason and they watch the college tape. Tough look for them for sure.
  2. Last year he dominated GB. This year he went 5/75 In week 2 and that’s when Cousins was terrible at the beginning of the year. He should be ranked as a top 10 option.
  3. 0 touchdown passes in November. Still think he’s a top 10 QB?
  4. Yeah, nothing screams elite quite like mediocre outputs against the Falcons and Bengals. You got us!
  5. Ravens secondary is a lot better now with Peters.
  6. Hey bud, still think Goff is top 10?
  7. Anyone starting him today even though Stafford is out? With Kittle hurt I don't have another good option so I'm stuck with Hockenson today. Anyone starting with any sort of confidence?
  8. Am I missing something obvious? I’m 1-3 probably going to be 2-3. Should I trade Fuller and Dissly for Keenan Allen? Start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, FLEX, K, DST My team QB - Mahomes RB - Elliott, Ingram, D. Williams, Singletary, White, Hill WR - Thielen, M. Brown, J. Brown, Fuller TE - Kittle, Dissly K - Butker D - Jaguars, Browns
  9. Everyone still think this guy is a top 10 QB? What a joke.
  10. Kyle Allen can’t be worse than Cam was the first two weeks. Either way I’d start Kirk.
  11. Ended up moving Dak for Thielen, thanks everyone.
  12. You have enough depth at RB that it would be worth it for JuJu. He’s going to be fine with Rudolph. Ben isn’t even that good anymore and that was hidden from the average fan by having Brown and JuJu out there.