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  1. Goff is definitely not a top 10 NFL QB. Probably not even top 15. He’s somewhere in that group with Dak and Carr and people like that. Without McVay he’s nothing special. Playoffs proved that last year. Insanely stupid contract by the Rams but I guess they wanted to make sure they gave out the worst contract two straight offseasons.


    Good for him on the contract.

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  2. For the record, I hate it. Let me know what you think and I will help in return.

    .5 PPR start QB, 2RB, 2WR, FLEX, TE, DST, K

    QB - Mahomes, Prescott

    RB - Elliott, D. Williams, Ingram, White, D. Thompson

    WR - Moore, Fuller, Westbrook, Coutee, D. Jackson

    TE - Kittle, Rudolph

    DST - Cleveland

    K - Butker

    Are Mahomes and Kittle enough to make up for the bad WR? Post link and I’ll help in return.


  3. I like Conner, always have (Hail to Pitt) but you guys gotta realize that when the game was 14-14 the Steelers were going no huddle with 4 WR and a TE out there. Most of the game Conner was blocking then leaking out. Hard to say game script when it was 14-14 and then Baltimore kicked some field goals. It was a one possession game until the last few minutes.


    That being said he’s a pretty solid RB2 ROS.

  4. 21 hours ago, Rolling Thunder said:

    If T. Smith returns Thursday, I have a hunch that Dak bounces back.  I don't have the stats to back it up, but it seems that more often than not good players tend to do well after a historically bad day.  The run game will be effective against the Chargers, and that will make for easy play-action opportunities for Dak.


    My only concern is game script.  Dallas could easily blow Rivers and company away with the run game on a short week, leaving nothing for Dak to do.



    The Chargers are a better team than the Cowboys so I doubt Dallas blows them out. Maybe if Rivers has one of his off days and throws 3 picks by half time but even then the Chargers defense isn't bad.