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  1. 12 team PPR, team below, I have clinched a first round BYE and am looking at upgrading my QB situation for week 15 when Goff is @ Seattle. Clay has a good matchup @ MIA but who knows if Taylor will play since they'll likely be out of the playoffs by then. Dak is @ Oakland week 15.


    QB - Goff

    RB - Bell, Gordon, Woodhead, Henry, Conner

    WR - Adams, Diggs, JuJu, Parker

    TE - Clay, Olsen

    D - Baltimore

    K - Bryant

  2. 51 minutes ago, Tugginroot said:

    He's like Jim in American Pie with Nadia.  He gets his chance to shine and do his thing, and he blows it.


    He's had 13+ carries four times this year. 14/92/1, 13/54, 19/131/1, 13/13. One horrible game, one good game, one great game, and one mediocre game. How is that blowing it?

  3. All they can do IMO is let the guys they have on the roster now play out the season and see where they are this offseason. They don't have enough prospects to make an impact move and most of the guys they'd want to move are either having down seasons (Machado, Tillman) or are overpaid (Davis, O'Day).


    One thing I would definitely do is stop playing Hardy so his option doesn't become guaranteed for next year.