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  1. I love how you guys talk about this like you know this for a fact. As if you heard it out of Mel Kiper's mouth during the 2009 draft. Arian Foster did not have great college numbers. He was an average RB his entire college career that got injured his senior season. He was averaging 4.4 yards a carry his senior season with only 1 TD in 131 carries. No that doesn't scream draft me. Hell that doesn't even say draft me. No team's logic on Foster was, "Okay boys we are going to have to pass on Arian Foster this draft simply because he got injured as a senior and some guys on rotoworld message forums a few years from now will claim that he is what they call 'uncoachable'." That was never uttered in a draft room. Sorry to say it guys, Foster just continued to improve. He wasn't some college stud that teams were really looking at. Hell William Powell's senior year: 253 yards 4 TDs on 23 carries. Arian Foster's senior year: 570 yards 1 TD on 131 carries. Plus Powell returned a kick for a TD. I'd say that Powell was pretty effective his senior year. Foster was pretty damn good his junior year. Had he left school than, he definitely would have been drafted. Probably by Round 3.