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  1. Hey guys, team is in sig but I was just sent this offer from a SS-needy team. I have Andrus and Bo while my pitching has been pretty up and down, and I am currently 4th in a points league where another elite SP could really help me. I know Flaherty has been playing well, but I am wondering if deGrom would be an upgrade this year and future years as my 3rd keeper over Snell. Thanks!
  2. I dropped Pivetta earlier in the year after drafting him, and he was recently dropped even after a decent outing against Atlanta. Swap Pablo Lopez for him? This league counts wins, so that may be the deciding factor but let me know what you think. Team in sig, thanks!
  3. another one for deshields, though I hope they can find a place for him when Gallo is back. Thanks for the help with mine
  4. All 3 address a need but I think 3 is pretty balanced. Maybe you can dangle Quintana and Conforto though I may toss in LaStella for a lesser OF if your trade partner doesn’t quite like the 2-for-2 trade
  5. I’d def do it too, only real concerns with him before was if he left Colorado, so you could have a top 5 pick for the next few years
  6. Yeah I’d do it too since you still leave yourself with basically 2 first round keepers in Bellinger and Turner. I’d cut Hernandez, Allen and Dozier.
  7. Pretty straight forward, team in sig. Really want to see what Davis can do when’s he’s off the IL, Holland’s been great statistically but is getting few chances lately and while Quintana is getting me decent quality starts, Plesac seems like he offers more upside especially after his start against the Yankees last night. Thanks!
  8. I'd make that trade as well, and agree that maybe you swap JoRam for Chavis. That way you can shift Marte to 2nd, Chavis to 1st eventually and have Bregman and Machado hold down SS & 3B for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the help with mine!
  9. Thanks, I kind of had a feeling it was an overpay so I offered Albies, Rodgers and Quintana for Marte and Beiber. Still an overpay then? And do you think Rodgers could fill in and this is all not necessary.
  10. Team in sig, just thinking I can move some depth for a worth-while SS while Correa heals up, though wondering if Marte is the right return here. Also curious if Rodgers may just be a decent fill-in, as he's hitting .300 lately and knowing his pedigree. Thanks in advance for the help!
  11. Thanks for the help with mine! The fact that is a keeper league complicates things, but if you’re good at RP and need help at OF I’d make the trade. Voit seems pretty up-and-down, and while Yates has been awesome he’s 32 and a closer which is a position with lots of turnover.
  12. Thinking of sending out this offer, Albies has been pretty lackluster but still has name recognition, and I have Muncy along with Gennett coming off IL. Getting Senzel in return could help the 2B situation as well, but either Senzel or Reyes would likely be DH or pretty decent bench players. Also if this seems like a bit much to ask, let me know if throwing Rodgers in would make it more palletable for my trade partner. Team in sig, thanks boys!
  13. I’d take lastella, he’s had a better year and Deitrich will likely lose playing time when Gennett comes back. Really can’t go wrong with either if you’re just trying to ride the hot hand.
  14. Thanks, got a preference of the 3 though? Strahms stats look great but turnbull just turned in another decent outing today against a good offense. Maybe if Musgrove gets his teeth kicked in again I’ll swap him for whoever’s second best.
  15. if steals are at a premium then Gibson, otherwise Robles. Meadows is looking like a top 30 OF so def worth the swap.