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  1. His best pitch is his slider which supposedly he barely used. In-depth article about his start. https://www.pitcherlist.com/gif-breakdown-yusei-kikuchis-spring-training-debut/
  2. Players almost always hit better at home due to more favorable ball/strike calls.
  3. I wouldn't' blame him for staying. Few if any better places to live than Orange County. How much money does a person need?
  4. Do non-baseball fans know who Mike Trout is? I am guessing a lot don't. It would be like not knowing who LeBron is and I am pretty sure everyone knows who he is.
  5. It looks like injuries are baked into the cost. There is a lot of value in some mid round shortstops so I am going to pass on CC.
  6. Price is still high but I am paying it.
  7. I do like JG but I have been burned by drafting players that have had bad second halves thinking it was an aberration.
  8. Hit in upper arm. They say it was probably a bruise. Would have been his last at bat anyway they say.
  9. Hader has rarely been used in back to back games this year and usually gets 2 days off between appearances. I know because own him. At the same time there are other options in that bullpen to close games. If Knebel pitches well I think the will be put back in the closer role. Will he pitch well? I dunno. He seems to have lost his curveball.
  10. Value of Berrios is as a streamer. Two starts at home this week. At home vs. CWS on Monday for a make up game. I doubt Chicago is going to want to be there. Then another home game versus OAK.
  11. Quoting myself here because I thought this was weird. Why didn't Francisco Cervelli start at DH with his concussion issues? Really strange.
  12. Gray to the pen. Lynn probably to rotation. Looks like a two start week next week @CWS and vs. Rangers. YUMMY.
  13. Based on his minor league advance metrics I believe the power is 100% sustainable. I will own him next season.
  14. Not nearly the control or repertoire.
  15. Myers with a pulse. HR and 2B last night.